Dexcom with Share Receiver

Woo-hoo, our new Dexcom with Share receiver arrived today; I'm even more excited than when my daughter's first Dexcom arrived!!! Neither my daughter nor I need to haul around anything more than we already do to utilize this amazing piece of technology; my daughter is already used to carrying her "old" Dexcom receiver at all times along with her iPhone. (Are there any kids who actually need to be reminded to keep their cell phone with them? I don't think I could pry my daughter's iPhone out of her hand with a crowbar, even in her sleep!) And my cell phone is always just a short reach away. Being able to check on my daughter's BG at any time and having my iPhone alarm whenever she's high or low is so indescribably awesome!

Doesn't take much to get me excited...

I have been using Dexcom Share for one week now. I love it!. In the past tried Nightscout, but this is so easy. The app is great, I can have phone quite far from the receiver and still works. The only drawback, the battery of the receiver runs out faster. But this is such a small price to pay!

I am happy for you and your daughter. We don't have that here in Canada, sigh. wish, warranty runs out this month, wanted to wait before buying a new receiver but they say they have no idea when it will come to Canada. hmmmm will it ever in the near future?

Enjoy your new receiver, will give you peace of mind that your daughter is safe.

I guess we are a bit slow here in Canada times !!

Fantastic news!

I'm waiting for the G5, which I hope will speak to the new Omnipod PDM when it comes out...