New Dexcom This Year

A CDE friend of mine went to a presentation Friday night by the president of Dexcom who said the following:
1. The new Dexcom will have an official ten day life
2. The new Dexcom receiver will have a range of 30 ft
3. The new Dexcom is already available in Europe, and while he only said it would be available "soon" in the USA she was led to believe by end of year.

I have also heard the rumor that it will only have an hour warm up time.

The longer range is HUGE for people who take care of a T1D. Now I can put Dex on my night stand rather than get up and walk 15 feet 3-4 times a night. Now I don't have to attach something to a two year old who doesn't know Dex is not water-proof, sit-down proof, or thrown-across-a-room proof. And I can sit in a playground while Mr. Superfast runs off and not be screaming "I NEED TO SEE YOUR SENSORRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!".

Happy Mother's Day Jacks Mom, you rock!!! I enjoyed hearing the news on the new Dexie of course I just ordered my Dex and it will be tough to upgrade by the end of the year.
I mostly enjoyed your explanation of why it will be better for Jack and Jack's super cool mom.

Thanks for making me laugh, I needed that:)


Awww thanks Michael, means a lot. You are super cool too.

1. Great, hopefully that means I get get a month out of it :)
2. Even better, hate that little out of range antenna icon.
3. The sooner the better. Can't live without my Dex now, would love an even better one.

Thanks so much for the update Jack's mom. Hope you enjoyed your Mothers Day.


Wow! Totally hope these all come true. All great improvements. The only one missing would be for the sensor to store data when the receiver is out of range and allow a download once it comes back into range.

Now if we could just get the Dexcom integrated with the Omnipod I think we would be leaps and bounds towards and ideal system.

Thanks for the update,


He did make a comment that the Dexcom and Omnipod have been submitted for integration approval, but that it wouldn't be available until next year.

Thanks for the incredibly thoughtful note Mike!

And one more update my CDE friend just told me - apparently the new Dexcom is much better at tracking lows. We could all use that.

For your amusement .... a day in the life of controlling a blood sugar in a two year old. Sometimes we are just not up to the task of being a pancreas ....

The nurse who gave me my trial Dexcom on Tuesday said the new one will be available next month! I'm wondering if it's even wise to start on this new thing for only a few weeks and then have to upgrade it. I'm a long way into my deductible, though, so it won't cost me, and the new one sounds amazing from what you're telling us.

Oh, that's funny. Goodness, you poor thing - it had never occurred to me that the only thing more challenging than being a Type 1 is being the mother of a Type 1...

You made me smile. Thanks.

Not to be rude and put a comment on this.

it is not just type 1's on dexcom find it extremely helpful and critical to manage diabetes but late stage type 2 diabetes , managing a recalcitrent liver misbehaving and on insulin as well require the real time data of a cgms to accomplish that control.

Please! AS a Type 2 diabetic 64+ years old and 30 years as type 2; I try to watch myself and be most respectfull of the type 1 camp as well as their progress, success's and learning.

I think the CGM is actually a great tool for everyone. It's the most amazing thing for learning about your personal diabetes (or even BG in general), no matter what it is or what form it takes. And for us - how else can I figure out how to bolus for french fries and cupcakes in a person who can't speak? :) The other day his preschool handed out chocolate chip cookies topped with icing then dipped in more chocolate - I think my brain exploded on that one.

SO EXCITED!!! Thank you for sharing!! Please if you hear about when it's available and shipping please post! Since we've reached our out of pocket for our insurance it would be covered at 100% of us and I will do backflips and all sorts of stuff if this comes out before our silly insurance year starts over! Naomi's headed to a new school next year and they have zero experience with T1 so this would be oh so delightful to have for her teacher. Yeah - you made my day!! Thanks!!!