Diabetes - A burden to people living in a Third World Country (health is wealth)


I am going to say it again... I love reading everyone's blog... I am learning from it, discovering new things is one reason why I make time reading blogs. And funny how I envy everyone because you could express what you feel/experience/think so clearly. On my part, Most often than not, I am having a hard time understanding some blogs when someone uses idiomatic expression (LOL), I can't grasp the meaning!~ well, it's understandable since english is not my mother-tongue, and we don't use it everyday too, but don't worry, I always consult Webster Dictionary and if I can't find the complete word, check it on the web, Ha!

Health is wealth, especially to us people living in a third world country, to us people who have "funding" problem. Having Diabetes is really a burden (I'm sure not only to us but applies to all walks of life), but to our family... Money intended for the family food, I have to slice it to spend it for my check-ups, labs, strips and medicines. So sad...

I am a bit of emotional again because of what happen to my endo visit last tuesday (November 13) ... When she took my blood pressure, It was 160/100!!!! my goodness! I told her when I went out of the house, my husband took my BP and it was 110/80, I've never been this high, my highest was 130/90, but never 160/100. My endo too was a bit surprise because my first visit to her i was 120/80. Maybe it was white-coated high blood pressure, she told me (well, maybe, because prior to that, there's something's bothering my mind after I saw my medical-history-card)... even so... I am now totally super nervous!!!! I can feel the Panic attack comiiiiinnngggg!!! after 5 minutes, took my BP again 150/100... aaahhh, no use... i was then a nervous wreck! she told me to calm down... how can I????? for the past 13 years I have never practiced to calm down... I had a nervous breakdown when I was 19, since then, Panic attack is a usual sightings in our house... You can't imagine how I was when I learned I got diabetes.... been to psychologist, psychiatrist & neurologist... their advise??? "it's only you who could help yourself..." -- <after 3 hours, When I reach home, my BP was 130/90, my BG was 169 - proven that stress makes your BG shoot up, because before going to my endo my BG was 109, then after another hour it went down to 110/80 (that's my normal BP)>...

My endo asked me to have a series of test -- lipid profile, creatinine, SGPT, TSH & T4! Truly, illness is a burden to people living in a third world country!!!! My goodness! How can I afford this? She asked me to come back after I've got the result of the test... well... I will find a way... I don't know how soon... but I believe, God will make a way... He will provide all my needs...

Indeed... health is wealth...


For calming purposes, maybe you could try meditation? It’s a great way to encourage calmness, and I find a regular practice of meditation (say, ten minutes a day) really helps me center when I get panic attacks.

I live in America but I can certainly sympathize with your money issues: diabetes is a huge financial burden on myself and my family, and health insurance here is an utter joke.


I fully understand where you are coming from with the cost of Diabetes! I don’t have insurance, so I have to pay for EVERYTHING out of my own pocket! It’s EXPENSIVE!! Especially the test strips and the lab tests!! I’m very lucky to have the Endo that I have though! He does his very best to keep my expenses to a minimum.

Do try not to stress! I know it isn’t always easy, but stress is the WORST thing for your body! In every way!!

I too, never had high blood pressure until this past January. BAM all of a sudden! My BP has always been like 120/72 … 99% of the time! Then, out of nowhere, it was up!? I’m taking lisinopril for it now and it’s come back down to normal! YaY!

I hope your panic attacks ease up! I’ve never experienced them, so have no advice for ya there, sorry!



My mother told me once that I come from a long line of chronic worriers. I think that in most people blood pressure varies at different times of the day. Even when a person stands up, their blood pressure will go up somewhat. The body is supposed to adjust for this. Sometimes, it doesn’t do this well. that’s why a person gets dizzy. I think that the trick to blood pressure is not to let it get out of hand. Diabetes is a very expensive disease to have to deal with. I do have health insurance. It is supplied where I work. I think that part of the problem with health care is that some people get overtreated , while others have to do without . I sometimes have periods of panic. I deal with them with my mental attitude. I am always afraid that someday this will cease to work.Like my mother always says, “hang in there”.


Hi Theodora, thanks for the advise, and for the kind words ms melissa, thank you too, To Mr. James… thanks for the message you’ve sent… I appreciate it so much… God bless us and take care…


Hi from Delaware in the US!!! I am very familiar with panic attacks. I can’t deal with them in public except to try deep breathing. Then when I get home I have to be alone in my room, in my bed with silence and not moving even 1 muscle. It is probably not the healthiest thing to do; but it works for me!!