Diabetes Alert Dog

Hi everyone!

Ive been recently trying to look into getting an Alert Dog. But I can't seem to find much on them. I have heard that they are pretty expensive. So I was wondering if anyone has any info or knows of an affordable place to talk to someone about getting one.

Y'all have a great day, and thanks in advance for all the info!

Check out this group! http://www.tudiabetes.org/group/diabetesalertdogs

Also check this out http://www.scentangels.com

Hi Maddy,

Also check out this website: http://www.dogs4diabetics.com/

Here’s another diabetes alert dog training non-profit: http://www.earlyalertcanines.org

Unfortunately, due to higher demand than supply, they restrict their placements to west coast US states.

This website has the full details of one man’s quest to get a diabetes alert dog:

I’ve lived with a hypo-alert dog for five years. I’ve never had a dog before my current dog. It is by far, one of the best things I’ve done for myself. My dog is a great alerter but he’s not perfect. That’s fine with me. He gets a large percentage of my lows but I also use frequent fingersticks and a CGM. I’m a big proponent of multiple redundant systems when it comes to personal safety.

I live alone. The emotional support and companionship my dog freely gives me surprised me with its consistency and intensity. The loyalty and love are palpable.

Feel free to private message me if you have any questions.

Does anyone who has an alert dog take their dog with them to work?! I’ve always wondered how this would pan out in an office setting? I know both my co workers and I would get heavily distracted by his cuteness. Lol

I took my dog to work for 10 months before I retired. It worked out well although I did have to remind some of my coworkers that they could not treat him like the shop-dog.

I didn't want my dog distracted with a daily greeting habit with a whole line of my coworkers. My dog is highly social and he promotes these interactions if he feels its the usual routine. Most people understood but my calling out a few people after repeated attempts by me to reason with them, led to them giving me the quiet treatment.

I'm aware of primary school teachers bringing their service dog into the classroom. One teacher introduced her first graders to her dog on the first day of school with a limited pet and greet session but then told them that they had make believe that the dog wasn't there after that. Her students cooperated with her request, better than some of the adults I worked with.