Alpha Lipoic Acid and Asparagus Pee!

Okay perhaps not the nicest of threads..

But are any of you taking ALA? I have just started taking 800mg a day and it really makes urine smell like I have eaten a whole bunch of asparagus is this normal? Ha.

I don't want to be over loading my kidneys.

Also for those taking it, I would be very keen to hear your experiences of it. Both positive and negative.



I haven't tried ALA yet, but Dr. Bernstein recommends it in his book, Diabetes Solution. You can read the chapter that deals with ALA online

Maybe you're just genetically "gifted"? ;0)

I haven't noticed a problem, but I'm only taking 600 mg per day so far. I'm working my way up to 1,200 but I'm being careful at first to watch that I don't accidentally go hypo as it can have a profound impact on insulin resistance in some T2's.

Thanks for the link, much appreciated. I keep hearing very good things about, so will be giving it a try.

Quite cheap and available over the counter as well.

Yes! It’s asparagus pee! I thought I was losing my mind and I know I haven’t been eating asparagus! So glad that it’s not just me. I am taking 600 twice a day. I just started it less than a week ago so I’m still out on the results. It seems that my neuropathy has improved but I still want to give it a fair testing. Until then, asparagus pee it is!

I did take it for quite a while, it didn’t help my blood sugars, but that’s because I was unknown type 1 at the time and getting worse until insulin. I was taking it to help prevent damage by blood sugar issues. A couple articles about blood sugar control and nerve damage. I believe it was a combo of alpha lipoic acid and n acetyl carnitine together that worked better.

R lipoic acid is supposed to absorb better, but a lot more expensive so most people stick with ALA.

A magazine that just has a good article on the combo

2 natural sites that talk about ALA

I take 200 mg a day and smell it, about 10 minutes after taking it.

Good Morning Buckley83:

Yes, the odor is par for the course…

I take the ALA primarily for the neuropathy in my feet. Thankfully, it appears to have a positive effect.