Diabetes, an Inmate

In the county where I live in Colorado, a man was jailed for a period of time. He has T2, had ill fitting shoes, and the work assignment he was given caused a blister on one of his toes. He repeatedly explained he was diabetic and asked for medical attention. He did not get any. Gangrene set in, and when he finally got out and got medical treatment, it had spread and all of his toes on that foot had to be amputated. He is now suing and, well, I'm rooting for him :)

What do you all think of this situation? Since I am new to diabetes and this site, I do not know if this group becomes involved in these situations or not. Would we advocate for him? Are there tools available to ensure that the jail is better educated? (perhaps the law suit will handle that....lol). Thank you for "listening"....the activist in me gets stimulated.

Jails don’t give a sh*t. My brother who is type one was hauled to county on traffic crap. In holding for 24 hours… Went into DKA after reaptedly asking the guards for insulin. Their response… You’ll be fine… Diabetes is not a serious medical condition. :\

Do not know any of the details, so it would be inappropriate to form any opinion or comment.

Hi br, I learned about this in a USA Today article recently, will try to find it and post the link.

Thanks Troy.....so sorry about your brother. Although I am only 6 weeks into my diagnosis, am already appalled at the "you'll be fine...." responses from seemingly intelligent people. May have found the advocacy cause I've been looking for here. Too soon to leap, but really appreciate your time. Is that your baby in the pic....very cute :)