Diabetes and anger

Last week someone sent me an email at work that really angered me. With all the stress I have been feeling since the start of the FY and the additional work that I have been doing this email made me livid. I don’t know if I had been that angry in years. While I was responing back my hands were shaking. When I noticed the shaking I first thought that I was having a low but I wasn’t. I was that mad. After several meetings as a result of the email my heart was pumping and I was having a hard time sitting down and getting back to work. When I checked my BS at lunch it was high.

I have learned from this experience that anger can make me think that I am low but can actually make me high. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again for a good long time, I really don’t need the stress.

I’ve experienced that, when I was so angry, i felt the shaking and the heart pumping too, when I checked my BG it was 251, the highest I’ve been. Indeed that we have to control our emotions.

I’ve had the reverse. High BS made me feel overly aggitated and angry…I mean really, uncharacteristically angry. I checked and I was waaaay up there. I had eaten the devil pizza.