Diabetes and Birth Control

i’m on nora-be, no estrogen.

My OB-GYN switched me to Nuvaring after being on seasonle for a year. The main reason she switched me was because she felt the Nuvaring would not affect my sugars as much since the hormone for the most part stays in the area, and doesnt have to travel throughout the whole body. I have to say I love the Nuvaring. I was put on birthcontrol the same year I was diagnosed with type 1. I had horrible periods that lasted 7 days and very heavy (through a super tampon in a hour). The nuvaring has changed everything they are lite now and last only three days. My doctor also prescribes them for me so that I only have one period every three months. Makes life a little simpler.

I know this a way old post, but… I have taken different bc pills since about 10 years ago, and had recently taken a break. My doctor prescribed Ocella (generic Yasmin), and after 1 week I am a mess! Angry over the tiniest things and crying for no reason…pretty terrible! Also, my blood sugars have been noticeably high after any meals with carbs, and hang around despite corrections…

Is this pill THE DEVIL? Maybe.

The pill is dangerous to women and increasing your risk of throwing a blood clot. And every year a woman takes the pill her reproductive organs age about 2 years. It will make you infertile!!!

prior to pregnancy, I used the Nuvaring - the pills would cause elevated blood sugars and massive mood swings.

Unless pills have gotten a lot worse in the last 40 years, I don’t think the infertile thing is true. Each time, the month after going after the pill (in 1973 and 1975) I became pregnant immediately. I would think that between the pill (used temporarily of course, not for years and years) and pregnancy for someone whose health is compromised, the pill would be safer of the two!