Diabetes and Crimestopping

YEAH!!! Just busted 30 plus junior high kids all gang related coming down my street. Called 911 and gave their every move, they were on their way to a street fight. All the action makes me want to get into street patrol again. I told 911 that I didn’t like these kids coming down our street like this and that I knew they were going to start a fight cause of the gestures they were all making.

At first, the operator didn’t believe what I was saying. So I kept calling on the kids’ whereabouts on every street they went to till they made it to one location. My theory was right they started a huge fight, but I was observing a half block away and on the cell with the operator all the time. I had my cell on walkie talkie mode, MAN it felt good to do some crimebusting again.

I had stayed away because of my diabetes, afraid that my D would cause complications on patrol. But I’ve been alright with BS’s and I can always carry an emergency kit right.

I just had to share this because I can’t stand troublemakers at all. Like to bust their butts all the time. LOL

Well, I need to change modes now to the grandmother mode and make some chicken alfredo with broccoli and salad. What ever you want to do go for it and make a huge bang so I can hear you here in Texas. LOL

Yep, somebody has to do it.LOL