Scary experience!

Well,my last weekend wasn't very good for me. My mom recieve this horrible call from a man who told her that if she didn't gave an specific amount of money we both would get killed! It was very scary we barely could breathe and go out of the house.

I was sooo scared my blood sugar went high just like that, it was ver early in the morning and I didn't even had breakfast that day. Fortunately we called the police and they told us this type of calls were very usual nowadays, extortion through phone calls is a big problem that's getting bigger with time.

Have you been in any kind of bad situation that makes your blood sugar go crazy?

WOW that’s insane. please take care and lay low to play it safe.

arguements w/ my kids for some reason will give me a low. however arguemetns with my wife does nothing. don’t know what it is but my kids know what buttons to push

How horrible!

Yep, adrenaline kicking in when we’re scared, upset or stressed will do it every time. Been there. Going to the dentist (hate it) sends me high. Work deadlines up my BG also. Was in a car accident that was really nothing, but I had raging BG for hours after.

Thanks :wink: we all have our very different moments!

Yes stress will do numbers on our numbers. Just remember Dante’s eighth circle, there is a place for those in eternity

What a Terrible Man!! I can’t imagine what you and your Mom went through. I hope that the Police made extra rounds by your place for a week anyways.

I’m in the minority of Diabetics where my sugar drops like a rock when I’m Very upset. Obviously we are wired differently. (My Pharmacist pointed this out to me). I get sick to my stomach and can’t eat. Juice is my only Friend at that time. Lucky I don’t get Really upset too often.

I pray that you and your Mom stay safe.

sorry to hear about your crazy experience. Hope everything worked out. take care of yourself

everything went okay! thanks for worrying :slight_smile: