Diabetes and Dentistry

I have made the yearly dental appointment for my three kids; this will be the first post-diagnosis dental visit for Quinn. What do I have to know/be careful about going in? I've read a few posts that said there is greater risk of infection (I assume with fillings, if necessary, but could it be cleaning too?).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated...how can I be sure that the dentist takes Quinn's diabetes into consideration when he treats him?
Thanks, all

I know we have a dentist on TuD and I'm sure she'll chime in soon!

I can tell you what I'm taught as a dental hygiene student. We are taught to ask if/when, and what medications have been taken, has the patient eaten before the appointment, when was bg last taken and what was the reading. We have glucose tabs and a bg meter in the office.

Other than being extra observant in case of signs of a hypo, I would treat Quinn like any other patient. Sorry, I don't know Quinn's age, but children's cleanings are generally pretty noninvasive and unlikely to lead to infection.

Edit: Also, I would be stressing good oral hygiene! The best way to reduce the risk of dental infections is to maintain excellent oral hygiene!

The biggest issue I've had is dealing with a hypo when your mouth is numb and/or you're in the dentist's chair. My dentist apparently stocks juice boxes for exactly that emergency, but I recommend making sure you have a large supply of liquid carbs, if you typically use something else for hypos.

I agree with Jonah. I'm not sure why but I tend to go low during dental appointments so just make sure you're prepared. More than once, I've had to sit in my car treating low blood sugar and retesting before I can drive home. The glucose gels are good for this also even if your mouth is numb.

I've never had a dentist or peridontist ask when I last ate or what my last bg reading was, so don't assume that the dentist will be knowledgeable. As always with D, being prepared is peace of mind.