Dentist visit


I was wondering what kind of experience you have had taking your child to the dentist. When I took my daughter in for the first time after being diagnosed I filled out her paper work, they didn’t even look at it. I had to tell them that she was diabetic…then when they took her back I again had to again remind them that she was diabetic…That same day her #'s shot up, over 400!!! Would that have anything to do with the cleaning and fluoride treatment???

I might guess it would have more to do with her stress level than anything if she was nervous it being her first time to the dentist. ?

But wouldn’t that make her #'s go down? She has no problem going to the dentist.

If this was her very first visit to the dentist, she could have been nervous was my thought - maybe not - you would know better than me as you’re the mom. :slight_smile:

Stress can cause BG numbers to rise most definitely. There can be any number of reasons for BG numbers to rise - this is what makes diabetes so frustrating on any given day.

My son is in college and finals week with the stress of that can cause his BG to rise. I have not ever noticed his BG to rise after visits to the dentist for cleanings and floride treatments.

Isabelle has been to the dentist twice since she was diagnosed and I have never noticed her numbers increasing afterward.

We use a pediatric dentist and they have always taken notice of her diagnosis. If you don’t feel comfortable with the office you could always try a new dentist.

My son goes to the dentist and I haven’t noticed it having an affect on his sugars. (He’s 5.) They know he has D and always ask appropriate questions about it.

I agree that it may have just been the stress of the visit. I think stress makes most people’s sugars go up. Riley (my son) is the exact opposite though. Any kind of stress or excitement makes his sugars go down.

I take my daughter to the dentist every six months and she never had high nubers as a result of the visit, but I agree with earlier comments, stress can definately do it.
Also, I made sure they knew she is diabetic, but they only cared because she likes to go to the dentist chair “by herself” (and asks me to wait in the waiting room), and I wanted to make sure they knew of a possibility of a “low”…

The dentist just always reminds us to come back every 6 months. Highs and lows remain a mystery! Maybe it was stressful for her?

Our family dentist is very good about the diabetes and takes it seriously. He’s even put a note on dd’s records that all appointments have to be early morning as that’s best for her levels and she doesn’t end up needing to eat half way through a session.

I would guess it might have been from the stress…
Just a thought, if you are unsure ask your endo or the dentist…
Good Luck,

Probably stress… My son had wisdom teeth removed in the office. The dentist was very comfortable with diabetes and had been an army dentist. He said he wanted him “sweet”( a little high) for the procedure. He had his own bg meter, and he was about 205 before the procedure, and the dentist had tested him halfway through, and at the end. I went to get coffee across the street. They called me when they were done, and he was waking up. His numbers did not fluctuate much at all.