Diabetes and Electrosensitivity

I came across an article online espousing the evils of microwaves and how awful they are for health and people. In the middle of the article there was a somewhat interesting video about diabetes and electromagnetic currents in relation on the effect on BG levels. I'll link to the original article and video below, but has anyone here noticed any such things where your BG seems to be increased in areas with high electric waves and what not?

The video is 7 minutes long. The article for those who are interested only briefly mentions diabetes and then says to watch the video, but it's there for those who care to read it.

Video - Diabetes and Electrosensitivity

Article - Evil Microwaves!!

Fair warning on the video, the presenter refers to this phenomenon as type 3 diabetes which I had to get past. It seems to me this is more an environmental factor rather than an actual new type or cause of any diabetes. That and type 3 seems to be more widely accepted as a hybrid t1 and t2 or a lot of speculation that Alzheimer's is a form of diabetes (possibly to be considered as type 3). Regardless, just wanted to give that warning for those who might be quick to discount the whole video due to bad nomenclature when then findings might be pertinent.