New potential treatment for type 2!


@blizzard2014 , congratulations on a really quick catch!

OK, yuzall, the original article is at Exposure to Static Magnetic and Electric Fields Treats Type 2 Diabetes: Cell Metabolism . You probably need some kind of a paid login, but it looks like some libraries have become a lot more generous about this kind of thing during the plague days.

Now, for the meat and potatoes:

Gives new meaning to the word weird.

Even aside from the usual problems with reproducing biological experiments, I’d love to see another laboratory reproduce their results. Look at their own introduction to see why.

I’d also like a prettier name. Instead of “Exposure to Static Magnetic and Electric Fields Treats Type 2 Diabetes”, how about ‘Exposure to Static Magnetic and Electric Fields Treats A VERY ARTIFICIAL MOUSE MODEL OF Type 2 Diabetes’?

Also, it seems odd that a stimulus which seems as broad-bladed as a steady change in electrical and magnetic fields, with so few moving parts, should produce a change in only one (detectable) enzyme system in one (detectable) tissue.

And, it seems odd that such a sudden and revolutionary change in such a basic physiological system as insulin resistance (not to mention the redox environment of the liver) should have no side effects. I’d expect at least some negative feedback systems to have smoke coming out of their ears.

But I don’t want to be a party-pooper, and anyway, those guys have PhDs and I don’t. We’ll see what happens.

I do not have much hope in this remedy. Nancy50

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Lucky Mice!! they get all the cures

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I hope I didn’t jump the gun and post a fake article. My friend sent it to me on FB and I thought I would throw it out there for people on here to take a look at. I wish there was something like this that can work in the future and we can even have some more carbs in our diet as apposed to strict Keto diets to get off of meds. Some hope is better than no hope at all.


It sounds kind of unrealistic.
We could test the theory though.
Find out if people who live under power lines have lower blood sugar than ones who do not.
Several years back there was a big deal being made about those who live under power lines being subjected to electro magnetic fields and that no one could know the long term effects.
Maybe they got lower sugars.!!!