Diabetes and Fibromyalgia: Anyone else here have this double diagnosis?

I have finally accepted my GP diagnosis that I have fibromyagia. I started Lyrica and Cymbalta yesterday. I am really hoping to feel better soon. I had a deep tissue message yesterday and OMG it was great and very necessary. I need to feel better. I have been suffering from body aches and soreness in my entire back for sometime now and have become accustomed to that acheness. I have also had a weird burning sensation in the backs of my legs, which my Endo said could be onset of neuropathy. I don’t have that all the time though. It’s very weird. It fells like I’ve rubbed Capsacin on my skin. I’m tired of feeling this way and I hope this new treatment will help. I’m too young to feel this bad. I have little people who need me. Tylenol just won’t cut it!

Anyone else in a similar boat?

I was a bit loopy this morning after I took the new Meds. I still managed a great cardio and weights workout at the gym. That was good. I hope I’ve found the right Meds. I’ll do whatever it takes to feel better. I am scheduled to see a neurologist in Mid-june, but I think I will cancel that appointment since my GP really cares about my health. He’s close and I also can get that massage when I go in. AMAZING!

Greetings, Rebecca…sorry to hear you’re having so much pain…that and taking care of little ones. Some days must be impossible! I’ve started a new group…“DIABETES PLUS”…aimed at those of us dealing with diabetes as well as other “stuff”…cheque it out! I’ve only just started it, so there wont be many/any replies as of yet, but hey…get the ball rolling :slight_smile: It’ll be interesting to get some feedback on that topic…all the best, Linda.

Wow. That is some wonderful information. I love this site. Sometimes I feel alone with my health issues and I know that my supportive and loving husband can only stand so much. He gets enough grief at work, he doesn’t need a wife at home who cannot be happy and do all the things she wants to do.

Judith, you may have noticed from my page that I’m a vegetarian. I really laugh at that now since my goal was to hopefully avoid cancer’s later in life. My cup has to look half full, since I have lots of people who depend on me. I can’t let all of this wear me down anymore.

This is a wonderful outlet for me to vent and I appreciate all of you commenting back to me so quickly and kindly.

Much regards, Rebecca

Hi Rebecca! I don’t have fibromyagia but for a while I thougt I did. I was dxed with Spinal Stenosis which is a narrowing of the spine. Besides fighting the battle with Diabetes we at times have other health concerns. I keep waging the battle with trying to stay healthy and without pain like you. I hope your new meds give you relief.

Hey Rebecca! I’ve been T1 for 15 years. Last year I was diagnosed with fibro after a long and grueling process of about 4 doctors and 20 tests. I didn’t start any meds, just did things to help with the pain/fatigue/etc. Just recently, I went to an alternative medicine doctor who put me on bio identical hormones. I’ve been on them about a month, still having some symptoms but feeling a little better with each day. I hope Lyrica/Cymbalta works for you though. (By the way, I’m only 19, so I can definitely relate to the being too young to feel this way.)

Thanks for commenting everyone. My body feels like crap, yet again. It does seem to feel like I get relief in the afternoons, but by then half my day is shot. I ran out of Lyrica last Friday so I hope I can get more today.

I have bigger worries today. I get my minimed 522 “installed” today. Maybe the stress from pump school and this whole new pump language has caused me too much stress. Maybe that’s why I’ve ached so badly the past few days. It’s actually pain at a whole new level for me.

Anyway, wish me luck with all this pump crap. People say it will make my life “so much easier”. I can’t wait for “easier”. Let it start right now!

Remember you have a wealth of pumpers at this site and I myself have been pumping for 10 years, so just reach out and we are here.

OMG. Okay. I am weaning off Cymbalta & it totally SUX! I am planning on walking/running the Cooper River Bridge run on April 4th. One way or another I WILL FINISH THIS RACE. I know that I will hurt like hell the next day. I really have a hard time in the mornings anyway. I make sure I take my Ultram, 1 x 30 Mg. Cymbalta & my 100 mg. Lyrica first thing…before even my coffee. I have decided not to stop the last Cymbalta dose until after the race. My body took 4 days just to be functional again after the last stepdown. I ached, I was tired, I felt nauscous. I felt like I shoud have been in rehab detoxing. My husband laughs when he has to stretch me out like I’m 90 years old. But he also holds me when my tears fall during that stretching pain. I am lucky to have his support,even though he doesn’t fully understand this diagnosis and pain.

I am determined. I am finally in a place where I am my happiest and I am determined not to let these 2 ■■■■■■ illnesses keep me from living the LIFE that I want and deserve.

Wow! A lot has changed in the 2 years since I was diagnosed. Cymbalta and Lyrica did not work as well together as I had hoped and my new GP suggested I take a newly approved drug called Savella about 1 year ago. It changed my life. It is all I need to control my fibro pain, my fibro fog, and my neurpathy pain in my legs. 1 pill twice per day. I am all over the internet now touting this drug to anyone who will listen. I am just that happy with the result. No awful side effects. How many of us can say that about drugs we take?

Anyway, I am a new person. Renewed in one year. Thank the Lord for BIG favors and lots of prayers… and a well informed medical professional.

Hi Rebecca, I read your posts and was interested and thought I might share what happened to me,. My GP thought I had fibromyagia but it tunred out I was intolerant to synthetic insluin. I know this is a on going debate with synthetic insulin verses pork/beef insulin and I thought it just could not be true. Anyway I felt so ill that I decided to change as I was desperate to feel better. I had used pork inlusin all of my life and was changed to the new synthetic insulin for 3 years. In the 3 years I took it I was so poorly I couldn’t work and got complications wih my feet (charcot foot), eyes, gastroperisis, and kidneys. I felt dreadful all the time which much pain in my legs, in this time my GP thought I had fibromyagia too. I too felt too young to feel that ill, I am 42 and I felt about 80. too However, when I changed back to pork insulin I felt so much better, I have been able to go back to work. Unfortunately, there are still legacy problems with the damage that was done so I will ask for the Savella you speak about. I will let you know how it goes. I am such a convert back to pork insulin as it has made such a difference. Sadly, my daughter has Type 1 too and I have changed her with also dramatic effects, she feels so much better and is able to control her glucose levels much better. it was impossible on the other stuff. Good luck and thank you for sharing you story and hopefully Savella will work for me too. Kind regards, Fiona

Hi Fiona. Wanted to check in and see how you are doing now. It’s been a year since you wrote your note in response to my posts.

I am still on Savella. I use Apidra insulin in my pump. I have no idea if it is synthetic or pork insulin. I guess I should know this. I was also diagnosed with gastroparesis about 2 years ago. I have to take Reglan and Amitiza for that. I have also been taking Tramadol for the extra pain and achiness I have suffered in the past few months. I don’t work out heavily like I used too. I don’t know if it’s fear of pain or real muscle fatigue.

I am almost 41 and I still feel older than I am. I’m trying hard though to feel younger and look younger within my limits.

Please write and let me know how you are doing.

Kind regards, Rebecca

Apidra is synthetic insulin.

I am T2, have never taken any insulin. I was given glipizide when I was first diagnosed, only took it for about a month because my blood sugar came down very quickly on a low carb diet and has stayed that way since. I have, however, had diabetic amyotrophic neuropathy, charcot foot, and have both peripheral and autonomic neuropathy, even though my A1C has been between 4.9 and 5.3 for the past 3 years. The neurologist I saw at the beginning said he thought my problems were caused by glipizide making me produce too much insulin, and that I was allergic to my own insulin. All this sounds so vague and stupid to me, I have to wonder what’s really going on with all of us. I don’t take any drugs whatsoever, I have no pain per se. My balance is poor and my leg muscles are weak. My shoulders also do not work very well. I’m just throwing this information out there in case someone has had a similar problem.

Just noticed this chat…as I was researching diabetes and fibro.
My fibro came as a result of Graves disease, at least that is what my doctor says.
I’m very involved in local fibro support group, and as an asst. leader I cannot say I have encountered too many members who have diabetes and fibro. At least not type I!
I received a brochure from the Arthritis foundation today, stating diabetes and arthritis go hand in hand, cant say I had heard that either. That is what started me doing a search in fibro, and if many folks have fibro and diabetes. It would be nice (unfortunately) to make that connection because my family doesnt really believe in fibro.
Anyway, I definitely have both. Sometimes I end up thinking this isnt really fibro, but then the flares come and that is the end of that notion!
Hope you are all having a good start to August.

August started off with 95 degree temperatures and a BIG Fibro flair-up. I had a pretty rough day. Had to break out some old Darocet to get me through. Then found out it had been pulled from the market. Oh,well. It worked for me.
I wil finally see a new neurologist at the end of September. Can’t believe I have to wait so long, even with a physicians referral. I haven’t seen a neurologist in over 3 years. Have been treated by my Internal Medicine doctor since we moved to Charleston.
Laura, do you take Meds for your Fibro? If so, what?

Take care. Glad for the information you posted.

Kind regards, Rebecca

Rebecca, our local group has been discussing how fibro does better in the hands of neurology than Rheumatology.
Maybe you are proof of that?
I dont take anything for mine except Arthritis tylenol.
I have an Ultram prescription tucked away. I filled it, but didnt take any.
My doctor said they are good to have even for migraines, so I told her I would fill it but as yet, not taken one pill.
I do need to put together an exercise program. I have a frozen shoulder right now, and a very very stiff hip.
She said I do have major degenerative osteo arthritis. No thanks to 25 years in ballet!

I take Savella and Ultram daily. I meant that I am scheduled to see a rhumatologist, not a neurologist. Oops. I have been having more and more headaches lately. I too need an exercise program. Just waiting for the 3 kiddies to go back to school next week.

LOL, well we actually do think neurology plays a part in this. At least from the research we are finding.
You can see our web site at www.abqfibro.com
We have some nice articles up there…

No problem. Some of our site is local, but much is reference material for members and non members. I’ve volunteered to start a Twitter page this month for our group, to further assemble information. Our leader’s hubby works on the web site, so I am not involved in that one.
It’s still not a widely recognized condition, not even over here.
I’m sorry to hear your sister is dealing with so much.
I have such a lesser case than many, but that is another reason to feel like I can educate and help people.