Diabetes and MS

7 years ago I was disabled and in a wheel chair. Lately I have symptons again like I did 7 years ago. I went to the Dr and he identified what I had in one visit and an MRI and a spinal tap. I just wish that the Dr 7 years ago would have seen the spot on my brain so I could have been on meds then and not in a wheel chair. I missed alot with my three kids and work. I am glad now I know what it is. I also know now not to lay around in pain, it hurts worse. I need to walk around and stretch those muscles. I have alot of nerve damage that can’t be reversed but now I can stop it from getting worse maby. If any one has comments on the meds they have out thier for MS patients please let me in on it. Do they affect the diabetes in any way. Is thier wieght gain with any of them.

Hi Terrie, I had just put in a blog about MS and Diabetes and you can go down and find what I had said. I had been diagnosed 4 years ago and the doctor never mentioned to come back for any followup visits. Now that I had a MRI done last June the spot is still there and when I went to my Cardiologist on Wednesday he read the results of that one and was really concerned due to the additional problems that have been show more signs of MS with my heart and other things including my nerves. So I will keep you posted if I find out any medication when I finally get a new Neurologist.

please do, I am interested. Thanks for writting back Gus.

Your friend Terrie

Hi Terrie, I had a problem finding you. But I was doing some research on M.S. in a book that I bought when I was taking classes to become a medical billing specialist and as I was reading it to my niece and all the symptoms listed I had on a daily basis. But I did find out that it listed using B vitamins to help the nerves. I’m still waiting for the final verdict on my classification. Hopefully I don’t have to wait for another 4 years. Take care,