Diabetes and Reflexology

Hello everyone. I have a question regarding treatment from reflexologists regarding foot circulation. I’m not suggesting that reflexology will cure diabetes. I’m curious to see if anyone else goes to a reflexologist for regular foot massage to help with circulation issues.

I was recently in China and had two Chinese foot massages that were wonderful. The circulation in my feet after the treatments were wonderful.

Anyone have experience with this???

hi, can u explain to me how chinese massage did a great job to you?? we are not living in a comforty lifestyle,so my husband does do my feet massage for me all the times… it nice to have his hands as strong man to giving me a massage…btw im deaf mother of four kids i have t2…hope to hear from u soon have a good day glad u went and experienced ur trip to chinese massage… i d love to try…

Sometimes, I get a foot massage from my kids.:slight_smile: It feels so good! I can feel the circulation sooo much better. Other than the wonderful tingling sensation of circulation and being really relaxed; I don’t know of any actual healing or lowering of my bloodsugar numbers.

Hello Andy,
You posted this a while ago and I just found it. I am a T1 dx in 1967. I am using an Animas 2020 with Apidra.
I have some peripheral neuropathy and I have been going for reflexology massages every 3 to 4 weeks to see if it will help the numbness and pins and needles sensation in my feet. I can’t say that I believe in the Chinese belief that pressure on certain points in the feet can benefit othe parts or organs of the body but I do tell the therapist to apply a little more pressure on the pancreas area :slight_smile: I must say that it does feel good during the massage, which is a good thing, and I seem to have more feeling in my feet for several hours afterward but then the effect wears off.
I will continue for a while to see if maybe it will help circulation in my feet and also restore some of the feeling. I am also using the foot cream that contains Arginine HCL that is suppose to improve circulation. We’ll see what happens.
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