Diabetes and Shoes

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LMAO, oh I am rolling about laughing here. I too am borderline obsessive about shoes oooooh and booooots, if its got a hint of ugly about it, i’d rather cut my foot off (drastic over dramatisation) I too have been blessed madly touches wood with great pulses and sensations in my feet so I too am able to keep indulging myself winks
Lou x

I’m glad you enjoyed it. The worst part is that I’m soo not “over dramatizing” anything. Poor Dr. S. must think I’m a complete freak!

Oh I did, you sound awfully like myself and love your style of writing, hey I suspect your Dr knows hes good looking, I have a couple who may even be the same age/a smidge younger than me, and oh so cute, one of them looks like patrick ‘mcdreamy’ dempsy and the other like the guy that plays chuck bartowski. Now I can strip infront of pretty much anyone (not a common occurence mind you i’m not particularly shy though) it’s only when I see them I get really blushy, like a teenager even fully clothed. I even find my self holding in my tummy so I look slimmer (god how embarrassing) Lou x