Diabetes Blog, 2016, My Day in Food & Drink

The topic for Day 3 has to do with Language. My experience with Language is likely to be someone asking me, How is your Diabetes? And I answer, It’s fine, thank you. That exchange does not a blog make, so I’ll use the Wildcard, My Day in Food, recounting the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. (You are instructed not to judge.) Yesterday I ate typical meals for a weekday:

I WOKE UP, took my thyroid pill and waited an hour to experience the best ten minutes of my day: COFFEE! I have some trouble with acid reflux, so I buffer my exceedingly strong coffee with -1/2 cup lactose-free milk and a scoop of lactose-free vanilla ice-cream, all sweetened with stevia and sprinkled with cinnamon. The Good! (Don’t judge.)

BRUNCH was a serving of gluten-free dry cereal, Van’s Cinnamon Heaven. Yes I know, carbs, but also a good amount of fiber.

SNACK was “Nut-Thins With a Hint of Sea Salt” and Halvarti cheese.

During PATIO TIME, my husband and I catch up on the day’s news (well, something must have happened). I had six ounces of gluten-free beer and six ounces of Chateau Saint Michelle Chardonnay.

DINNER was lentil soup with added chunks of chicken. Also, we had sauteed mushrooms and a mixed salad which included tomatoes, lettuce, home-grown chives, home-grown arugula, avocado and olives.

BED-TIME SNACK or TREATMENT FOR LOWS, but only when needed, is a Dan-Active (yogurt drink).