What did you eat yesterday?


Coffee with Splenda and light cream

Low carb/high fibre wrap with fried veggies, pinto beans and guacamole

Raw veggies and beet hummus

Oatmeal with egg whites, Skyr and berries

Compliments mint chocolate chip ice cream 1/2 cup

Daily totals were approximately 60 carbs and 1400 calories


Breakfast: Mixed nuts
Snack: Coffee w/Splenda
Lunch: Bunless cheeseburger, raw vegetables w/ranch, Diet Dr. Pepper
Dinner: Homemade Alice Springs chicken (chicken breast with mushrooms, bacon, cheese and green onion)

Yesterday was a celebratory feast after a successful grocery shopping mission:

Oatmeal with walnuts, rasins, and banana.
7th Day Adventist Vegetarian meatloaf (a gift from a friend)
Squash stew (gift from my dad that I found on hood of my car)
Easter candy
Toast (very exciting after about a week without bread)
Banana with penut butter (to not get scurvy)
Coffee, tea
fake chincken sandwhich

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Chocolate Avocado Mousse - I use 10 Avocados and make 28 ramekin dishes and freeze them. Then eat 1 for my OMAD by taking 1 out of freezer and replacing the 1 I will eat out of the fridge. To bulk this up, I add Chia 1 1/4 cup Chia seeds in recipe and then top dish when removed from fridge with 1/4 tablespoon raw almonds and sometimes a topping of Redi Whip. Alternate this from 1 day to the next with other fun foods.

Later on in day was the occasional snack of 1 tablespoon of Almond butter. My almond butter lollipop.


Oat groats with fruit and walnuts

Quinoa with black beans and kale
Garbanzo bean cookie

Dried fig, dried sweet cherries

Broccoli, Brussels spouts, sweet potatoes with black bean enchilada.
Garbanzo bean cookie
Herbal tea

Plain popcorn

About 260 carbs I would imagine. 25 total units of insulin. I follow the Mastering Diabetes eating plan.

Type 1 dx 1959 5’1” 102 lbs I produce no insulin of my own.
Rode my exercise bike 10 miles, and did some gardening.


20 oz coffee with heavy cream (1 gm protein, 15 gms fat, 1 gm carbs): 150 calories

5 cans diet coke (355 ml ea - no protein, fat or carbs): 0 calories

Roasted chicken (7 oz): 50 gms protein, 19 gms fat, 0 gms carbs (Total 375 calories)

Took 1 Unit Humalog (extended bolus)

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Wow!!! My kind of guy. I have been cutting back on artificial sweeteners as until recently I did not realize how much impact they had on my propensity to nurture my chocoholic addiction and other foods, especially those containing sugar of one sort or another. This came to light when I started working on my cholesterol issues as my diet coke addiction did not affect my BG’s and even cholesterol wise did not affect LDL-C, however, I am working to correct issues with small dense LDL-P particles oxidizing and it appears that artificial sweeteners are triggering food desires that have some quicker short bursts of glucose which oxidizes small dense particles that would love to build plaque in my arteries. I am now down to 2 diet cokes per day and when my supply runs out, then no more. At the same time cutting down on sweeteners used elsewhere. My next full set of blood tests will be about May 15th and then will have a better idea if this is part of my fixing LDL-P issues and then I will do a full update of what has worked for me in 5 months of extensive cholesterol home testing and tweaking. After that it will be a CAC scan and Carotis IMT test as soon as hospitals are safe again to visit for those tests.


@CJ114 - I’ve always been a diet soft drink kinda guy … starting with Fresca in the mid-60’s.

Diet Coke has been my go-to for a couple of decades now, although I quit entirely for 6 months when I initially started keto. I found I simply can’t live without caffeine, and like the taste of DC. It’s probably the only vice I have now …

Long live Diet Coke. Diet Coke_woops


I don’t drink coffee and don’t eat breakfast so when I get up in the morning it is 2 glasses of water chased down with 1 can of Diet Coke for the caffeine and carbonation to get me and my internal systems going for the day. Over the past few weeks have stopped the morning diet coke a day here and a day there but will be interesting to see if I can survive long term without it in the morning.

Life has still got to be worth living!!! :joy:


Today is day #2 without my beloved breakfast Diet Dr Pepper.

I’m trying to limit myself to one can with lunch. Day 1.5 of that.

I feel like I could have timed this better.


Mornings are the worst Jules. I need a can just to swallow all my morning meds

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A large Mixed Green Salad with toppings and a slice of homemade bread
(a girlfriend makes bread and muffins for me :grinning:)
Gaucamole with Chips
Grapes and Pineapple
Baked Toast with tomatoes, basil and olive oil


I was pretty bad yesterday.

Apple pie topped with vanilla yogurt for breakfast. Not a common occurrence! LOL

2nd meal was a muffuletta sandwich, a tomato/cucumber salad, and some leftover spring vegetable soup with chicken and dandelion greens.


Coffee w cream
Omelet w fresh herbs


Pesto-stuffed pasta
Tomatoes in marinade w salad


Mostly small amounts, your portions may vary :wink:

I’m good at guessing carbs (except for eating out, but that will wait for another day), but for the last years I pre-bolus and pretty much surf it with cgm data.


Dandelions just started coming up in my yard. Think I can eat 'em? I was thinking about making dandelion tea. I have a real shortage of fresh produce, latley.

I’m gonna plant peas and beans.

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You bet. Good sauteed, parboiled, even fresh when they’re small.


Excellent. Goodbye yard weeds, hello lunch.


This was actually my first time eating dandelion greens. Our neighbor gave them to us. They’re pretty bitter on their own, very similar to arugula, but free. I wouldn’t want a whole salad bowl of them, but they add nice variety to other salad greens. I put them pretty sparingly in the soup, because I was afraid!, but the bitter cooked out of them. I’ll definitely use them more abundantly in soups in the future. Wound up tasting similar to any other green you might put in soup… but like I said, free.

What I really want to do is make dandelion jelly. I’ve heard it described as “sunshine in a jar”, it’s supposed to taste similar to honey… but again, free. LOL The best part is, all your neighbors would be thrilled if you harvested the dandelions from them!


You can fry up the flowers too.

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Earl grey tea with stevia, D-Ribose and cream. 4 carbs

Lunch: Homemade bread topped with butter, ham and swiss cheese then broiled. 30 carbs

Dinner: Chipped beef on toast and Brussels sprouts cooked with bacon and onion. 40 carbs

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