Diabetes Burnout: to address the emotional impact of diabetes

Diabetes is not only a condition you treat with insulin, oral meds, diet and/or exercise. Diabetes, as a chronic condition, takes an important toll over our emotions: it’s simply hard to deal with something that won’t go away ever no matter what… you can control it but you can’t remove it (not yet, at least).

Dr. Polonsky has been studying this for many years and is one of the world’s most respected authorities in the psychosocial and behavioral issues in diabetes, currently heading the nonprofit Behavioral Diabetes Institute. He has poured a lot of his knowledge into his title Diabetes Burnout to help all of us with diabetes (and those around us) better cope with those times when we feel diabetes is just too much to cope with.

He has you explore the barriers that most affect you and, through a worksheet very cleverly titled “What’s Driving you Crazy About Diabetes?” he helps you guide how you read the rest of the book, by focusing on the matters that you clearly need more help with. Each chapter from that point on contains a load of strategies to overcome the specific barrier dealt within it.

If diabetes burnout is kicking you hard or if you can merely feel it coming, don’t wait and help yourself by reading this great title.

i’m on chapter 4 and i’m already in love with this book =)

This book was very good and very informative. I’m actually rereading it right now. It has helped a lot.