Diabetes Camp for Adults?

I’me with you at 66 and active I need more feed back without everyone else telling me what someone told them . You have to walk the walk and talk the talk to know what we are going thru. I have found after all these years there are many changes and I am open for more information. thank you bs

great idea… lets start one!!!

I have been Diabetic for oh it will be 25 years in like a week. I am not good at it. I am up and down all the time. I don’t take care of myself at all. I need help. I would love a place I could go to for like 2 weeks to get away and re-learn how to take care of mysefl. I need help still with the fact that I have this cronic illness. I need to learn fun foods I can eat. Talk to other people dealing with this. Most of these were posted last year so not sure if anyone will even see this but I need to do something before I end up dead.

It is a great idea and one i would love to be involved in!

I have attended this camp and it was the very best thing that I ever did! I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes after taking a defective antibiotic at the age of 47! I never knew anyone who had type 1. I was alone. At this camp I was treated with such respect and met wonderful encouraging trainers. I never had any athletic abilities. But one week with this group. I learned to take charge to control this disorder.I attempted any thing that they offered. It’s been almost 1 1/2 years and I now have muscles I never had growing up. I am at the gym 3-5 days a week. I have developed a sense of confidence in myself.
I am planing to go back in 2009. I think with this disease, we need refresher information and activities that are directed to diabetics and their needs. I wish I could attend all the camps offer in 2009 as they are scattered throughout the year.
I would recommend this camp to anyone who feels the need to find ways to staying healthy dispite their past history.They help with individual needs and that is the best part of it.

I have heard of the ADA hosting a ‘family camp’ now and then, where families with young kids with diabetes attended together for a 3-day weekend. In a few cases the parents were the ones with diabetes. It was a really neat idea, since like it or not the entire family should be involved in diabetes management. Everyone who attends gets something out of it, even the siblings without diabetes who were dragged there by their families. Check your local ADA chapter; I don’t know if this is something offered nationally.

If you ever open that Bed and Breakfast, I would be there in an instant! Being diagnosed with diabetes at 18, I missed my chances to go to camps… I really wish I could’ve.

This is a fantastic idea! I would totally go… why do they only have those camps for kids? I got diagnosed when I was 18, so I sort of missed out on going to those camps and meeting other people with this disease and feeling not alone and comfortable. I was already accepted into college, away from home and wham, I was hit with this. I basically had the summer to learn everything and become comfortable and then I was off. Whenever I see someone with diabetes, I instantly feel a connection. I met this guy at this food place who was checking his sugar and then had a surprised expression and left the room, returning with a bag of chips. I was like, oh my god! I think he has diabetes… oh my god! should I talk to him? and I did… It was THE coolest thing ever… He understood everything, just like with everyone here on this site, except in person. Now if there was a convention for type 1 diabetics, I’d be in freaking heaven! how cool. I really need something like this!

Hey Daniel! Which camp are you talking about? Could you give me any more information? Are you referring to the triathlon training camp Chloe was talking about? I can’t find it from that link.

Hello, I just joined this blogsite after reading the posts about an adult camp. It sound like something my wife and I would be interested in. Any more details?

Hello, I just joined this blogsite after reading the posts about an adult camp in several earlier posts. It sounds like something my wife and I would be interested in. Any more details?