Diabetes community experiences survey

We need your input: what are the biggest challenges you’ve experienced navigating care as a person with diabetes? Your personal experiences and those of our community will guide our priorities as we advocate for people with diabetes. Thank you for making a difference!

Your survey results are completely anonymous—we do not collect identifying information. Beyond Type 1 and Beyond Type 2 may share the aggregated results and key learnings from this survey with our partners.

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I may be over thinking, on the rankings is 1 the highest or lowest?

1 is highest priority

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Okay, my 1st thought, then I had 2nd thoughts.

Interesting that no questions were geared toward resources such as online groups, local ADA. I think many that participate here benefit from simply reading about others solutions and approaches to dealing with all aspects of diabetes.


I became irritated by the survey because it was not clear weather a 1 or a5 was must important
The real irritating part is where I need to choose importance between insulin and food.
The way it’s set up is odd and skewed.
Instead ask those questions and rate the 1 to5 each one so you can have several 1s or several 5s
It’s not possible for me to choose between food and insulin they are both equally necessary