Undergraduate research survey about impact of healthcare interactions for type 2 diabetics: Approved Research survey

Hey everyone, I’m doing some research as part of my undergrad nursing program, I’m looking for people with type 2 diabetes to take an anonymous survey about their type 2 diabetes experience. I have many family members and friends affected by diabetes and would like to further research in how to improve healthcare experiences for people with Type 2. The survey takes about 10-20 minutes based on your answers. Please click the link below to participate, thanks!


This is a supported research project by my university’s Institutional Review Board, approval was granted April 29, 2019 by Utah Valley University. I receive no financial benefit from this research. If you have any questions or concerns please email me at 10739476@my.uvu.edu.

Allyn Harker RN


This looks legit. What say you, TuD admins?


This survey has been approved by staff!

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Silly survey. The medical community is the worse place to get advise/

Depends on your perspective doesn’t it

Why limit it, to one type of diabetic?

Why not? It’s her survey. If she wishes to limit the scope it’s her choice.

While there are many similarities between types there are differences especially in the doctor experience.


Considering one
doc said since I controlled my T2 with diet and exercise only with an AIC of less than 6 I was no longer a diabetic. Started at 12.0
Then 10 years later during a stressful time another doc (still on diet and exercise only) but my AIC went up to 6.3. She said it was time for pills. What did I want.
Then since I do low carb there were the docs that said I was doing harm to myself.

So I have never felt the need to listen to the medical community.

So except for the first doc who dx and said to count carbs.
I find the rest useless.

If your perspective is self centered I guess this survey seems useless. But why trash it for everyone else.

Well Gary Just a point the survey asked about my experiences, with the medical community, which I gave and By the way It might be a good thing that T2’s don’t follow doctors guidelines.
And why are you attacking me for giving my opinion about real experiences.

I’m not debating it’s her survey. Why eliminate half your participant base because they’re type1? I don’t really give a ■■■■, I thought inclusion was better than discrimination

I’m sorry Jason, I don’t know why she chose to limit this to T2 only. Perhaps she has a valid reason.

I’m not being an A$$ about it. I’m just curious why all diabetic’s are not included. This is why I think surveys should be banned everywhere

It might be that she is specifically doing research on Medical care for T2’s Which as A T2 I find my experiences and my needs are quite different than T1’s


lol I just don’t know.

I do know that I believe this is a valid academic survey that has been approved for posting.

If you would like to help I urge you to do so.

She should have given just a little bit a context, instead of a vague title.

I replied and answered all of her questions, FYI. But I don’t believe that most T2’s are well served by the medical community that pushes pills. My opinion and that should be included in any survey . Unless Gary you have had a positive experience with doctors prescribing pills.

To be honest I am not one that feels comfortable dismissing the advice of trained medical professionals. I have no medical background at all. I will make my own decision based on my own situations but cannot in good conscience tell someone else to ignore doctors advice.

I assume that means that all of your experience with doctors etc have been constructive.
And you recommend all T2’s should follow the ADA guidelines