Diabetes Friday (eye exam and follow up)

Last Friday was a busy day. It started off with my diabetes eye exam, then my diabetes follow up appointment, and ended with grocery shopping and the Olympics...ok 21 Jump Street...I guess I am not as American as I would like to be. It was a great day overall, I got a little angry in the middle of the day, then had an awkward moment at Costco, but I survived both and couldn't help but enjoy the fact that I had a successful diabetes day.

When you have diabetes, you are suppose to have your eyes checked once a year. Unfortunately, I have not had my eyes checked for at least four...I know, I am terrible right? I just am not a fan of having people poke around in my eyes, and eye drops leave my eyes feeling sticky. The main reason for my not going happens to be due to my laziness of finding an eye doctor here in town. But now I have one, I just can't remember his name, so let's call him Dr. B. I decided because I was going to get my eyes dilated I should ride my bike to the doctor rather then drive. I hopped onto Gladys (my beach cruiser) and rode across the street to the eye doctor.

I found out I was there about 40 minutes early...no big. They got in me in pretty quick. I went into the first room, which I don't know how many of you are aware of this, but you no longer read the letters off a chart. Everything now is pretty much digital. I covered my left eye and began reading the letters with my right. First line, X V E T, hit that one out of the park. Next one S D G H, man I am good! Then the last one...well I couldn't read the last one because when I tried tunnel vision started to happen. Panic set it immediately, and I feared that diabetes complication were underway.

Not the case at all. They put me into another room to wait, then Dr B. came in made small talk, dilated my eyes and found everything to look spectacular, other than a small distance issue in my right eye. He gave me a prescription, but told me I could do with it as I pleased because really the distance issue was minor. So, if you are keeping score that would be diabetes 0 and me 1.

After my appointment it was time to head over to my endocrinologist, who also happens to be right around the corner. I have not had my eye dilated in a long time, so adjusting to the sun on my bike was a small problem. I had to keep squinting and hoping that no one would hit me. I survived, obviously I guess or I wouldn't be blogging right now would I?

Once I got my endocrinologists office they called me back within five minutes. This is why I love this office, they don't keep you waiting around for days they get to it right away and I love the efficiency of it all. They weighed me...and it turns out that I am fat, hence the angry part of my day. By the way, when I say fat I mean fat, as in my BMI would be in the over weight category. Trust me if I had a number up there that was in the normal weight category I would be the happiest. I really don't eat a lot of junk and I have been doing boot camp for two months, how in the world have I put on weight? Annoyed, I sat in the exam room pouting at the evil number the scale showed.

My doctor (Dr. Khanna) came into the room with a swollen belly that I didn't remember from three months ago. Am I really that self absorbed that I completely missed the fact that my doctor was pregnant the last time I saw her? She laughed at my stunned expression, which is part of why I love her. We began to go over my blood work. Even though I am fat, every single one of my numbers had improved by a large amount. My bad cholesterol dropped 20 points, my vitamin D is back to a good number and best of all my A1C was 7.4 I was at a 7.9 before it was a pretty big deal. My doctor and I looked at the numbers with great joy and excitement.

Again, if you are keeping score that would be diabetes 0, me 2.

Then I talked to Dr. Khanna about my trouble with gaining weight, and she simply said it is an issue that all women have, I do not look overweight, and it could have to do with the fact that I have a lot of low numbers (people with low numbers eat/drink high carb items which can cause weight gain) we decided to get better control on my numbers and see where I am at for our next appointment.

All in all it was a great day diabetically speaking. My numbers were great; both of my diabetes exams went well. I have to say it was a great Friday!

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