Diabetes Hope Conference...Thoughts?

Well, I'm disappointed, but you are going to do it again, right? We can all look forward to that.....Blessings, my friend, and thank you from all of us for the wonderful work you do in the community!.....

That was just a warm-up session! I look forward to many more of these.

I'm super bummed, too, but yes, it will happen again! Thank you, as always, J, for your constant love and support!

Indeed, Terry! Thanks for understanding!

Hey Scott, I know you used GotoMeeting webex, and I use it at work. Sometimes the codes is saved with the video, depending on how you set it up. But there is a converter that will convert the sound on it, if that's what's going on. :)

I enjoyed what Kerri Spalding had to say about blogging as I am a fan of her blog.

Thanks, Dave, I really appreciate the info. We did use GTM/GTW, but the recording was done using something else from a different computer, not from within the GTM/GTW system. From what I understood, our small scale tests worked fine, but recording for 3+ hours in HD the file(s) got corrupted. Major bummer.

She's wonderful, isn't she? Thank you for tuning in!