Will they understand? a poem

Will I live to see a cure?

Or will I die right here?

Will they know I tried?

Even when it looked like I wasn’t?

Will they understand? what it was like not to eat when I was low

For fear that there may not be any more food for the next time.

Will they understand? That all the blood, and needles the highs the lows

Just wear you down, that at times you lose your will to fight.

Will they understand? That when their biggest worry is over family, work, money, friends and clothes

That a small part of me envies them? When my worries are how much insulin is left in the fridge

How many strips I have left, what about sites? And will I live to see past 30?

Will they understand? That I am thankful that they don’t have those worries

And that I pray they never do.

Will they understand? That when I die, it’s not that I didn’t love them, and didn’t want to stay

It’s just, I couldn’t fight any more.

I hope they understand,

cool poem

Oh so sweet,even if no one else understand we all on here understand.xxxxxxxxx

maybe people around us don’t understand but you know which is the best cure? being proud of yourself! and never let diabetes slow you down, never stopping because of it…the best cure is being proud and positive :smiley: NICE poem

Finally my magazine DIABETES SELF-MANAGEMENT had an article “A Focus on Adults with Type 1 Diabetes” by Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer. felt that someone finally understood what I’m going through.

Thank you for sharing this with us. I am sure a lot of people here can relate to the feelings in this poem.

Poem is very good, the ethos is excellent. We all here have sometimes felt the same at some point of time. The important thing is not to be carried away with sentiments. We have to care for ourselves and do the best for ourselves. We are fellow travellers and understand each other well.
Thanks for sharing the poem.

Nice poem Dee…Thank you for sharing.

thanks everyone, it’s good to know I’m not the only one that feels this way every now and then

nice poem… a little depressing in the end but overall, 2 thumbs up :slight_smile: many ppl just dont get it.

Dee, I like this very much.

As it happens, you’ve articulated exactly what I’ve been feeling for the last few days. I’m a late-diagnosed T1, and I get so frustrated with the poking and counting and calculating and logging and poking and exercising and poking – you get it.

Thanks for sharing.


Hello Dee
I would just like to introduce myself first. I have been type one for 33 yrs now and both my kids also have it and my boyfriend has type 2 thank god he only has to take pills. He has been in denial for awhile now because he watches what me and my kids go through and I think that it scares the hell out of him especially when I have seuzuires. He is very sweet when I am low he runs fast to get me something to drink or eat. Anyways thank you for sharing how you feel I understand comepletly so much so I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown when my kids got it because I did not want them to feel how I do with high and lows and being judged by those who are ignorant. No one understands anything unless they want to. At least we all have eachother to rely on when no one else understands. My friend died of cancer she had the second rarest case of it in the world. I was by her side everyday I was lucky because she lived right beside me. I have never seen someone so sick in all my life and I was raised in the intensive care for most of my child hood life. She said to me a fews weeks before she died now she knew what i lived with on a daily bases she said lucky her she gets to die and I have to suffer for the rest of my life. I was silent for awhile and I told her that i loved her and I am a tough cookie and god will only give me what I can handle. She had alot of nures coming on going all day and she told me that i was her favorite and most gentle nurse because she said that i understood how it was to be sick and soar all over. She used to find me on my back stairs having a seuzure and i was so sick I could not move my head it hurt so much and could not keep my tongue in my mouth cause i bite it so hard she would always make me laugh cause she would come on to the paramedic and after having so many seizures i would say to the paramedics that it was not a good way for me to find guys lol some of them were drop dead gorgous :slight_smile: I always try to take something positive out of a negative situation. Or I would of gave up a long time ago. I will not let this disease take over anymore then I have to. I have had to quit work and school because i became so ill but i will not give up fun laughing or getting on with my day. I only have one life to live. I also have 4 other health problems oh well life always go on no matter what! I hope that you are having a good day today :slight_smile: I sure am :slight_smile: Keep in touch!!!

Beautiful…you made me cry because that’s how I feel…I don’t have any support from family or friends because they don’t understand…that’s why I love this site and my new diabetic friends.

This is why I am so thankful for this site, to know that when the most important people in my life just don’t get it, everyone here does. Everyone has those days that we just want to throw up are hands and say we’re done, But knowing that there are others out there that just get it, makes it easier to get through the hard days and make it to the better ones.
Thanks everyone, I hope you all have a good day.

Hang in there Dee. You’ve come to a good place. Only friends here to help each other. your words have touched me tonight…