Diabetes identification braceletes

Just wondering if many people actually wear id bracelets, i know i have being told to invest in one, yet i feel like this would make me fragile and someone you must take extra care over. Its just that i don't want my diabetes to own me, i don't know i am probably just over thinking this. However i understand that the people around me must know about my diabetes, and having this bracelet while out with people i don't know is probably a good idea. Please let me know if you use id bracelets, thank you Adele(newly diagnosed type 1)

If you want to be more discreet you can get a necklace that your wear under your shirt

That’s what I did, although have since stopped wearing it. I’d wear it again if I ever start having more difficulty managing than I do now.

Adele---Forgive me for intruding on a T1 discussion. BUT.....I'm a T2 not Yet on meds (able for awhile to control with diet and exercise) which is also why I wear a D Identity bracelet whenever I go out---I am more than likely to be shot up with insulin when I don't actually need it yet---and believe me basic training for First Responders, as well as RNs and many docs, is undifferentiated in terms of type of our scourge. They undoubtedly mean well---they just don't know enough.

And my husband, as an Emergency Manager for the city of Portland has had to do many "ride-alongs" with EMT personnel and teaches for the Red Cross all over Oregon. The bracelet is looked at---looked for. Some of us diabetics are doing tattoos with our info. My husband and I have discussed this a lot. In his opinion----EMTs may behind the curve on these things, so even if you have a tattoo, wear the bracelet anyway.

I was a costume designer for dance and theater for many years, so I sought out Medical Bracelets with some style. I have many now, interchangeable, so if I am wearing a purple jacket, I can wear my Amethyst ID bracelet. I just change the engraved ID from turquoise and coral to amethyst......You can make it fun if you choose to do it!.....Blessings...Judith in Portland

I just tried to make it fun and Accessorizeable....Blessings

cool, that sounds like abetter idea than a bracelet

wow, thankyou for replying Judith, I'm glad to know that the bracelets aren't going to be too bold, i'll definitely try to change up which ever bracelet or necklace i get to make myself feel more comfortable.

I have the dog tags, and the bracelet, but I rarely wear them. I am not a jewelry kinda girl. I am seriously debating a tattoo. I have talked to some medical personnel, and consensus is...as long as it is prominent and legible it will be noticed. Now I have only to design it, and I can own this stupid disease!

I have a bracelet style Medic-Alert one. They "base model" is stainless and last like forever. The one I have on right now, I got in 1990.

I used to be, um, more "socially conscious" when I was a kid and had a necklace-style one instead because I didn't want anyone to see the emblem. About 1990 I didn't care anymore and got the bracelet instead. Attitudes have changed a lot since I was a kid!!! (But they still have at least a little way to go.)

I wear a silicon band ID bracelet purchased on line. They come in different colors and logos like type 1 or just diabetic. I wear it all the time. Makes a fashion statement but keeps me safe. Many people wear bands supporting causes I don’t feel like I am different. Nancy

Adele, I wear a medic alert watch since I change my bracelet or necklace to match my outfit, but always wear the same watch.

I've worn a medical ID bracelet since shortly after I was diagnosed as a kid. I've fortunately never had to rely on it - but wearing it for all these years is worth it if a time ever comes when I do need to rely on it. It's not just there for diabetic incidents, either - if you're in a car accident or something and are unconscious, you want the hospital to know that you have diabetes and need insulin. You don't want to be dealing with DKA on top of whatever injuries you might already have.

In my opinion, there are so many people out there wearing medical IDs these days that it doesn't really "say" anything except that you have a condition that may need to be known in an emergency. People wear these bracelets for allergies, organ transplants, implanted medical devices, certain drugs they are taking, and many other reasons. You also definitely do not have to go with the plain, obvious medical ID if you don't want to, although I think hiding a bracelet too much defeats the purpose of having one.

Judith, I, too am still on the diet/exercise but on the cusp of meds or insulin (waiting on the doc to make up his mind). Anyway, my medic watch is engraved with diabetes, RA, and multiple meds (including high BP) and my list is in my wallet.

So, hopefully the EMTs will be aware that even if I do have a medical emergency, it might not be due to diabetes, but one of my other lovely issues. (yes, extra sarcasm on my part).

Some people collect stamps, trains, or coins, I collect AI diseases.

I get it, Kate. I, too, am finding it harder to keep my numbers down. Besides accumulating AI ickey poo poos, I seem to be a petrie dish for every bad side effect that one can have with every new med. Took 2 miserable years and 4 different BP meds to find one that I can live with!...Blessings, my friend!

It's it fun when your doctor calls you "my special patient"? :-)

Good luck and Godspeed Judith!

I have always made my own bracelets. I just order the metal plates and then i incorporate the plate into a bracelet of my choice. I have one with para cord that I tied using old school knots I found while researching on the internet. I have a braided leather cord one as well as one with made of wooden beads and an elastic cord. I am currently waiting on another plate and I am going to incorporate the bracelet into one with black glass beads and the elastic. I have always worn one and I have always tried to make it my own.

aahahah, thanks for replying and good luck!

wow, this i could work with, silicon bands are a great idea, thanks :)

that sounds so cool, however I'm not very crafty so i will probably just choose a silicon band Thankyou so much for all the replies, it has really made me feel comfortable with accepting diabetes and also knowing that i'm not alone.

The Ecksfactor - Do you order the 'metal plates' online?


I wear an ID Bracelet made by www.LaurensHope.com. I have one with pearls and one with purple beads. They are a little pricey, but they look fashionable and most people can't tell or don't notice that it is a Medical ID.