Tattoo in lieu of medical bracelet/necklace?

I have a hard time wearing a necklace or bracelet of any kind for longer than a day. I just am not that into it, I always forget them at home or where I put them, (I am a person who pre-pump would always be missing something from my diabetes pack). Truth be told I dont like them have not found one I like, So I thought sense I have embraced my diabetes as a gift instead of a burden and it is going to be a part of me until the end of time why not get a tattoo on my wrist. It would be my version of the medical symbol on the top of my wrist and on the on the bottom it would say “Insulin Dependent.” That way I can personalize it my way cause it is my diabetes.
My question is what do YOU think about it? Is it too much? or am should I just leave it alone and hope I make a better effort to remember the bracelets?

My cousin has a tattoo on his wrist instead of an alert bracelet. I think you should get the tattoo. A lot of people around here have tattoos and I think its a great idea! I think I will get one as soon as I’m old enough, but for now I will just stick with the bracelet :slight_smile:

Thank you, I didn’t know if was uncommon or just a stupid idea : ) I will probably get one, but I didn’t know if the emt would even see it, but I can’t see why they wouldn’t when they would recognize the medical symbol. Has your cousin ever ran into an emt not seeing it??

No… I dont think so. Thats what I was curious about too, but why wouldnt they check because they always check for medical bracelets/ necklaces. It seems that tattoo medical ids are more common, so you would think that they would look.

In my generation, tattoos were highly taboo, and no one would have thought of getting one, except dirty old sailors. In YOUR generation, well, it’s your thing, so why not? :slight_smile: Just be sure you go to a reputable place that practices sanitary hygienic procedures, because you don’t want to get an infection. And post a picture after it heals! :slight_smile:

This is mine :) looks kinda weird in the pic cuz i have a bunch of lotion on it

That is awesome Amanda! It looks like the emts would def notice that, right bzachary? Amanda, have you ever had an experience when an emt would need to see the tattoo and you were out of it?

I’m quite a bit older than today’s “tattoo generation.” I don’t have any tattoos but I do have a few thoughts about them.

Tattoos are mostly permanent but your sense of beauty and taste change as you get older. Tattoo regret haunts many people.

I do, however, understand the practicality of a medical alert tattoo ID. You’ll never forget to put it on and you’ll never lose it. Therefore, it’ll likely work when you need it most.

If you decide to get a tattoo for a medical ID, I don’t see any need to make it too much larger than the typical medical bracelet size. I’ve seen several medical alert tattoos for diabetics and I don’t understand why people choose to make them so big – sometimes covering not only the wrist but most of the way up to the elbow. To me, the small size is practical and also minimizes the chance that you’ll regret it as you grow older.

I don’t like jewelry either; I just don’t like anything on my wrists or around my neck. I did relent a few years ago and put on a medical alert ID bracelet. It’s constructed with a thin medallion just a bit larger than a quarter. It’s held to my wrist with a thin gage round lace tied with an adjustable slip knot. I often don’t know that I’m even wearing it.

One thing that people often inscribe on medical jewelry is the phone number of someone to call “in case of emergency.” This number will change over time. In other words, it’s not practical for a tattoo.

Committing to a tattoo embraces a sentiment that I find sympathetic. I gives a nod to the reality that most of us will die with this disease. I can be just as hopeful as the next diabetic but I have listened to many exclaim that the cure is just over the next five to ten year horizon. I hope it is too but my optimism remains guarded.

Good luck with your decision and congratulations on “embracing your diabetes.”

bzachary, I think that is a great idea! My son-in-law has started doing ink work so I could even get mine for a greatly reduced cost. But like others have said make sure its something you can live with. Talk at length to the artist who is going to do the work so you both agree with what is going to be done. I have know a lot of people who have spent a small fortune fixing someone else’s art work. In fact I duggest you go to someone who can design artwork. They can give you pointers and help you get a design that works for you and them.

I really like the pic, but I would definately have to go smaller due to my job. In addition, I would have to consult with an artist, like brokenpole said, and make sure its what I want cause It will be the one and only tattoo I will ever get if I get it.


Hi Bzachary,

I’m seriously considering getting a diabetes ID tattoo on my wrist. I’ve decided that it’s going to say DIABETIC in block letters to be easily recognizable. In addition, right below that I’m going to have it say "7/28/05 - " with the hope that one day I’ll be able to fill in the other half of that date. The date I was diagnosed and the date I was cured. Because the tattoo is so permanent, I want it to be obvious that I’m not resolving myself to living and dying with this disease, but in fact I expect to be cured someday.

I got a diabetes tattoo but not really with the intent of notifying EMTs:

When I run in the winter, I have layers of shirts, some of those double layered compression shirts that make me think even a wrist tattoo would be unlikely to be discovered? I’m not sure if the chain would work either in that situation but I think that if you are keeled over, they can tell, like you look different than a heart attack or stroke person? I have no idea if that’s true. Whenever I’ve zonked out lately, it’s been @ family events so people know what’s going on.

no i haven’t had a experience where a emt would see it but if i did im sure they would probably see it

I got mine a yr or so ago to ensure I was always prepared because I am not always around people who know that I have diabetes so it worked for me and I made it my own!

Practical and nice :slight_smile: It says it all!

I like your outlook on that and its a great idea!! Its not that i don’t want to be cured but I am okay with living the rest of my life with it if it comes down to that. I spent 13 years in denial of the disase and I came to the realization that there was no point in being negative about the situation because it didn’t change it. So why not be happy and embrace the good qualities of diabetes like eating well and excercing and not to mention the life experiences that only us diabetics will have : ) I like the idea of the tattoo because it is who I am and If I ever do get cured that will be part of the tattoo, I’ll call it a work in progress!

I love It! I love the personalization and It is absolutely beautiful!

I used to but i’ve had 6 bracelets break on me and a necklace that kept getting lost, it’s just never has been very practical for me, plus everytime i’ve been in the hospital for lows i’ve never had a problem with the emts recognizing what was going on. Maybe I like it cause I can personalize it how I want to without limatations and I won’t lose it ha!

Yea everytime I had a hospital visit it was around people who know about my Diabetes but everyone I come in contact with knows about it. And kudos to your artist!