Diabetes in the Movies

I watch a lot of movies being housebound during the week but rarely if ever do I watch one where the hero or leading lady or man has diabetes why is the subject not covered more it would bring a greater awareness of the condition to the greater public I say condition but that is not what I call it some days,I did not take it seriously for many years until a heart attack finally knocked some sense into my thick head, you cannot ignore diabetes it will not go away on it's own the more you ignore it the greater chances of major complications setting in are inevitable.

Does superman batman hulk or any of the dozens of comic book heroes have diabetes i might be wrong and if I am I apologise but how about educating the young I would go even further and deal with the subject in children's programmes of course this approach might be hounded out of the studio like the subject of disability was at one time,so come on let us start a petition to have our favourite pastime dealt more in the movies and let us not forget television, out of darkness into light.

Ps if you know of any movies where diabetes is dealt with please let me know otherwise have a nice day twidlemthumbs

Panic Room!!!

Yep, Panic Room. It has diabetes upside down and inside out. They treat hypo with insulin.

I remember the mom trying to get a glucose syringe (that is in the refrigerator) and not an insulin syringe!!! I may be wrong.

Hey thumbs,

There is actually a whole thread on this. Lots of people listed some fun movies/TV shows that have this. Might be an interesting read for you.


Most popular ones are probably Steel Magnolias and Panic Room.