Diabetes in film list

I found this list of movies that feature diabetes.
So often I see a movie with diabetes as some part of a plot and the so often get everything wrong.
They often switch hypos with hypers and coma.
It can ruin the movie when it’s laughable and factually wrong.
However some of these have it right.
I’ve seen a few but I intend to watch more if nothing else because I’m bored out of my mind List of films featuring diabetes - Wikipedia

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:smiley: That sounds like a subject matter for one of those YouTube review segments that get titled: “Everything wrong with: {name your movie} in 10minutes”.
I suppose as a director, the importance of technical accuracy is less important than the emotion of telling the story!
I would disagree with that perspective: the story looses credibility when the Doctor says: “Yes, your son passed out during the exam because of an insulin overdose for his 1/2 tuna sandwich lunch, which caused a hyperglycemic attack and led to a ketoacidsis event and he fainted!”.
And the diabetics hang their heads; "…Everything wrong with…: " :slight_smile:

This is a pretty decent commentary especially on Steel Magnolias: "The Cinema of Control: On Diabetic Excess and Illness in Film" by Kevin L. Ferguson

Just saw “A Sicilian Ghost Story”, which is not in the list in Wiki.
No plot spoiler and not wrong: in one scene the movie’s protagonist’s father is seen in the background injecting, then squabbles with the protagonist’s mother saying he has to eat and then immediately starts trying to eat an enormous amount of pasta (no delay after the injection).

It looks like he does not want to eat it but we few know he is in trouble if he doesn’t, having injected so much.

It earns a rare little chuckle.

When you think about how boring and mundane diabetes is in real life, you understand why they need to dramatize it so much.
My favorite of all time is a movie I can’t remember the title.
A man in Jain was begging for his insulin. They wouldn’t give it to him so he slowly got tired and confused and sort of on drugs.

Then he gets his shot and jumps up in perfect form like magic.
Gotta love that.

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My favorite is from the movie “And Justice For All.” A man is defending himself for using profanity. He explains that his reason is that he has diabetes.


My son doesn’t have diabetes but he does have Tourette’s Syndrome. Sounds like the makers of that movie had their illnesses confused. Good grief.

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