Diabetes iPhone app

For you software geeks, I have posted an open source (free) iOS app on Github called Diabetes Compass. I developed this app to help me manage my own disease. It makes intensive management easier by providing easy food data search and insulin dose modeling (mathematical) with a plot of an estimated blood glucose (BG) time course. It has a bunch of other features too. With it, you can better time when to dose, eat, and sample BG. You can also modify and improve the code as you see fit for your own lifestyle. It has worked well for me. I am a 69 YO type 1 engineer.


It is not on IPhone. Diabetic Compass is not there.

Looks like you have to go to GitHub for it.

Correct. It is on a software repository called Github. You would need to be or become able to download it as an iOS developer using Xcode. Here’s a link to it. There’s a read me that explains the app further.



Found it! I will certainly give it a try… :slight_smile: not a software geek but wife to a software geek so… LOL

Gook luck. Happy to help if needed.

The Github site includes a Wiki with a link to a user manual.

Did you try to upload your App to the AppStore? Or is Apple still refusing to publish Open Source Apps?

I’ve not tried. I’m an old guy who spent his life in medical devices and worry about regulatory bodies, liability, etc. (I live in the US). With open source, it’s the individual’s own responsibility as to how they use or modify the code. I’ve spent 15+ years developing it, so I’m confident in my own use.
If you’re a software person, try it, improve it, put it on the App Store, whatever. One thing about open source code is it can be improved by many fertile minds yielding a better tool.