Diabetes management software for apple computer

What’s the best diabetes management software to an apple computer?

I am evaluating HealthEngage Diabetes, Just installed it, so not much time with it yet, but looks promising.

Hmm ill have to check it out! I am starting to look at some of the web apps accessible by mobile device too. I just going see anything that is decent out there without having to pay 10/mth… The USDA DB is free to download, maybe I could look at writing my own lol.

Id like to find something I can access on a laptop or my crackberrry, that can track glucose, meals(not just the carb number) and exercises. So when im at a resturant or at the gym, i can enter the data right there. lol too much to ask right? :slight_smile:

back when I was a kid I wrote some fairly sweet log book software for my apple//

Actually what I really want is something for my Iphone that does not suck…

They all have data entry that works ok, but the reporting side is plain old nasty. There are things I should be able to do like see a list of all the wakeup blood sugars in a given time frame. Also some better charts and graphs to show running averages and weighted running averages. Also, while I am at it, I would love to be able to enter carb and insulin intake and daily weigh ins and get good reporting on those numbers as well…


Yea, im no good with paper. The HealthEngage Diabetes apps are the closest ive found to what i want. I dont have all the carb numbers in my head so being able to just put in whats on my plate is what i need. Im also pretty into working out so if i can crack my reps, weights, cardio time, and have it convert to cals etc that would be great… Oh yea, and i want it to make toast as well ROFL

You may want to check this out:


I actually pulled it down but havent played with it yet. Without a doubt this looks like the best option for the price, ill try to play with it more tomorrow. Im starting to lean more and more to the direction of going with a web based solution that is pocket browser friendly… ie: I can bang in my exercise at the gym or food at the restaurant from my blackberry browser. I just fail if i take the “ill enter it later” approach…