Does anyone know any useful mac based diabetes software?! please help :D

Hey there peeps! :smiley: just enquiring if there is any good (freeware/shareware) based mac programs to help type 1 diabetes monitoring etc… i have always hated my log books and am always on the laptop so kill two birds with one stone?!

xxx thanks! :smiley: aki

Not Mac-based, but web-based:

It rocks! The architect for it is a member of TuDiabetes too: Marston Alfred.

Also, there is My Insulin Log:

I have not used it, but it’s written by another member and also web-based.

Thanks manny, my only issue is that something not internet based is probably better for me :(… as i dont have internet 24/7… But i should give it a try at least right ;)? x

Try Diabetes_Logbook X.
I’m trying to get in the habit of using it.
Mac based, pretty good, and not internet based.

Hi !

There is directory of all diabetes software, from Mendosa (David I think).

There is also piece of software I am developing. Release will be around 4th April this year, but if you wanted to test it out I can send it to you… I have been asking for some help in Geek group, but so far no replies… It’s in Java, so you need to have 1.6 java installed… I am still working on carb counting functionality…

So let me know…


Do a search for “diabetes” at It’s all open-source software, and while most may be for Linux there are lots that are ported for the Mac (and Windows, ech!). Good luck!

I forgot to mention that if you have an Intel based Mac, then you can try my advice from another post:

You can try a Windows emulator or Virtual Machine and not have to dual boot. Have a look at (which is free) or (which is $60, but has a 30 day free trial). Hope this helps!

I’ve been using Fusion to run the One Touch software because I wanted to be able to upload from my meter (there’s a USB cable from them, too, one of the reasons I use a OneTouch). But seeing as you’ll need to get a copy of Fusion and Windows XP, it’ll be pretty expensive if you don’t need it for anything else.

I used Diabetes Logbook for a while. It’s the best thing to use if you don’t mind manual entry.

I have Java version J2SE 5 ? Would that work? If so, I’d give a try to your software.

Not specifically diabetes related but this software, Calories, looks useful for tracking food intake ( and carbs ). Not as feature rich as the Calorie King Nutritions and Exercise Manager but half the price.

Hi everybody !

I just wanted to let you know that software I am working on, had a release (first public)… Software is in java, so it should work with mac at least I hope so… I haven’t done any special testing on mac though. It’s currently just basic stuff, data entries, carb counting. We added Meter Tool to this release, but it has only support for Ascensia meters so far, we plan on add more by next release… Also we plan on add some basic support for Pumps and CGMS.

So take a look.


Hi !

After I have seen your message in february, I advised all developers to force Eclipse to set java to 1.5 so source code is in 1.5 and all libraries are also compiled for 1.5. Which means that you should be able to run it without any problem.