Diabetes Love Story - anyone else?

In the spirit of Valentine's Day and sharing the love, I wanted to share my own diabetes love story, which was published here: http://asweetlife.org/feature/finding-true-love-diabetes-style/.

It's really about finding beauty in something terrible. Does anyone else have a story of diabetes and love they would like to share? It doesn't mean you have to have married someone with diabetes, but it could just be about how diabetes has brought you something beautiful. :)



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A lovely story Elizabeth. While I can’t credit my newly acquired diabetes for bringing me my true love, after more than 30 years of marriage I’m certainly blessed to have him by my side at the many doctor appointments recently supporting me and helping me figure this out!

That's wonderful, Lilli! Having someone who can support you, no matter what, is the best love we can hope for. :)