Romance and Diabetes - Survey for

With Valentine’s Day two weeks away, is preparing a special post on diabetes and relationships and we want your input! If you or your partner has diabetes (either kind!) please kindly fill out the below survey. The survey is only open to the first 50 respondents. It’s is 100% confidential. In order to protect the privacy (since this can be a sensitive topic), you don’t need to disclose your name or your email address to participate. All you need to indicate is your age and which type of diabetes you/your partner has and for how long. That’s it!

Please share your story! All comments are subject to being used in an upcoming post, but there is no guarantee which comments will be used.

The posting of this research has been approved by the TuDiabetes Administrative team.

We’re still looking for more people to fill out the survey! If you’re in a relationship, please consider filling out this anonymous survey!

We have a member (click here) who is currently doing her PhD on this topic. She may already have some interesting findings to share!

Excellent, thanks!