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Any one using this web base data management for the Omnipod? If yes, how do you connect the Omnipod?


I use this site all the time, at least every week. You have to use the cable that insulet gives out just call them for the software and cable, but don’t use the software, it sucks.
Just set up the account, then on the home screen, go to the upload section and select omnipod. Then connect the cable to the usb on the computer and place the pdm in front of it and go through the prompts to upload.
If you need more help, message me. I’ll be glad to help as much as I can.

The new PDm will work with Abbots Copilot software and has nicer reports and the food databse Just hang in there until June first and you will not have to pay to get your reports!!

Thanks a lot for the info!