Diabetes Resources

Some or most of you guys should know that i'm a community diabetes worker in my town and i've run into a little problem and i thought that maybe you guys at TuDiabetes could give me a hand. I have a budget for diabetes resources and teaching tools but i'm not quite sure how to spend it. Does anyone know of some tools, displays, books, whatever it may be that could be used in helping to raise awareness of diabetes and prevention. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to comment on this thread. Any help is appreciated.

My daughter works for an Insurance Co. in South Carolina. She is involved in this type of stuff often. I will talk to her.

I got some carb counting cards, they look like a deck of playing cards, from a site called www.carbcards.com. They’re pretty useful for learning how to count carbs, and especially if you’re out and about at a restaurant, or a friend’s place, eating… Nutritionists use them as teaching tools for first diagnosed diabetics. I dunno if you ever have to teach people on that, first hand, but it’s been helpful for me… as I just got diagnosed in November.

I would recommend, that you contact the CDA at 1-800-BANTING or visit their website at www.diabetes.ca . They will be able to provide you with all kinds of support such as tools , brochures , some free , some at a cost , videos , DVD’s, books etc. etc. Good luck with your program .