Diabetes sucks

Dear whoever reads this,

Thanks to my friend Shannon who encouraged me to find a common place online with other people like me. Although I just signed up today I have to say reading some of the posts on here have been helpful. Mostly knowing that I am not the only one who suffers from this hell disease.

I was diagnosed last year in April at the age of 30. SInce that day I have still been waiting to see just a small piece of my old self.

I have, and contine to have the worst trouble regulating my blood sugars. Living alone is also scary when you go hypo.

What disgusts me most is that within a year I feel just as sick as I had the day I was diagnosed. Blurry vision, sugars in the 300-600’s the last 3 months. Was taking Levemir and Novolog. Recently changed endocrinologists and started Lantus, I have bee up all weekend dropping off in the middle of the niight sugars in the 40’s and 50’s. I am tired all the time, can’t hardly do my job, am gaining weight and feel like a pig. I want my old life back.

I was reading that some of you get your testing supplies for free through your insurance. Is this standard? If so I need to know how to contact the correct department about this. I have been spending hundreds of dollars on these things.

any encouragement would be helpful,


It totally sucks…but there is a bright side.

Personally I was completely oblivious to the signals that our bodies tell us regularly…until I was diagnosed. I ate crap, and never stopped to think of how that crap would affect me. I was pretty active, but now I know the importance of staying active. I’ve realized which of my friends truly care about me and my well-being. It brought me closer to my parents. And I would have never had the opportunity to be part of this kick-butt community that is really supportive and helpful. As an uninsured diabetic I have realized the inequity of healthcare in this country, and I’m now more passionate than ever about making sure everyone in this county can afford quality care…you shouldn’t have to be wealthy to be healthy.

There is plenty to get down on, and I’m not trying to belittle your concerns. But we have the choice here to be pitiful or powerful.

I chose powerful.

Thanks for the kind words. I know it’s obviously to feel down about all this and I do try to maintain a positive attitude but I am so frustrated. I am tired of feeling awful. I have never felt so awful in all of my life. So I guess I am just hoping I can get some sort of control soon. I try and try and it doesn’t seem to work.

I met with a new endocrinologist last Friday and I hope he is more aggressive in trying new things for me. I know I will never be the same as I was but I know I have to be able to feel better than this.

If you have insurance covering insulin/syringes/pens/etc, it should also cover test strips…I pay about $50 for 500 test strips–that is a 3 months supply. If you get them covered…test often–and if you are running low at night, eat some cheese before bed…that should help (maybe not fix it, but help)

Also, not sure why you go so high,—but know that most diabetics will occasionally hit the 300’s occasionally…we all forget to take our insulin, or mis calculate carbs. And when i say, most diabetics…i mean all. You dont have to starve yourself from all the good foods in life, getting your carb counting right will help immensely with the highs. Also, if you dont already inject your insulin at least 20 minutes before a meal—start today…this will help post meal highs alot—and overall you will need less insulin. Always use glucose tabs to treat lows. 3 is plenty for me, almost every time. they work faster than anything else and ou wont over eat—they taste ok but are not delicious like Capn Crunch Cereal----which means you will avoid the roller coaster highs after the low.

It will get better—as long as you keep putting forth the effort.

my best to you,
diagnosed age 4 in 1974
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I know nothing about this being a type 2, but you mentioned concerns about being alone and lows. Would it be possible for you to look into getting one of those hypo alert dogs that can tell when you are going low? I don’t know what you have to do to get one, but I thought it might be something to make you feel better.

Hypos alone are not good, and I’ve had a bunch of them. The new endo sound really good. I wish you nothing but the best. My endo gives me an prescription for a 3 month supply of test strips and Aetna fills it at a very reasonable price.