Diabetes Support Group

Me and friend, John, are starting a diabetes support group in Columbus, OH at the Vineyard Church of Columbus for type 1 & 2. Meetings will be held every Wednesday, 6:30-8:30. We plan to hold the support sessions starting June 3 going through August 19. If you have an interest, please contact me!

Ellen, you might go into our “Groups” feature and post in the Great Lakes group, too!

i live in ohio, too scared to drive to columbus, i ALWAYS get lost

Your Support Group is such a great idea, and so well needed. I too facilitate a Support Group here in Kitchener (southwestern Ontario )! Also out of a church. We meet the first Wednesday of every month…7 to 8:30 pm. Open to types 1/2 and their family/friends. There’s even 2 in the group who don’t have D., but they have a high propensity to getting it. The group generally consists of 8 or so people…but many more when I have a guest speaker. I runs Sept. to May inclu. In Dec. I have a Christmas pot luck with games and gifts (small tokens from dollar store). There’s a tea night…also at some point, we have an evening where topics of discussion are picked out of a box. The season ends with a pot luck BBQ in my back yard. I generally have 2 guest speakers in the course of the year. Tell me a bit about yours…love to hear what other groups are up to!

We meet every Wednesday. John and I are writing a workbook, one chapter for each week of the 12 week program. The group consists, so far, of 6-8 people, soon to grow as we have been publicising it in our church bulletin. Vineyard Church is the largest in Ohio with over 8,500 people. My goal is to reach out to those who need help and education with their diabetes. We have a lot of fun and poke at each other. Yours sounds similar. What an awesome service you are porviding. I will provide more later. Have to get to work…Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Hi Ellen, I would like to be able to attend at least a couple of your sessions. I live in Columbus, type 1 for 41 years, and am also very interested in helping others with diabetes. I am flying out of ATL at 7 today so I cannot attend tonight’s meeting at theVineyard ( great church, have been there a few times), but will try to see you there the following week.

God Bless,