How do you find diabetics in your area?

Okay so I know a butt load of diabetics from the DOC but none where I live it is like I am one in a million here lol I know that can’t be right but I would just like to know that someone else around her would really understand me as a diabetic and not as someone put it " I feel for you" you know? Am I weird? actually don’t answer that part lol I just wish I knew others like me.

I wish I had the answer to this… I really don’t know any in my area who are my type, and who also actually want to take care of themselves, and who also are around my age… and not in their golden years. :frowning: I’ll wait to see what other people say…

I am having the same trouble. The majority of the people in my area support groups are type 2 and elderly. We would have to go all the way to Boston to get into a support group at Fallon Clinic.

See that is the problem here the support groups are either full of type 2’s or they are for parents of type 1’s but I have yet to find anyone with type 1 themselves all I here is ohh I know so and so’s brother has that or my friends friend has it.

My pump Nurse asked at least 4 years ago , if I was interested in starting a group for pumpers …she sent letters out to pumpers ; we met at a local restaurant( 26 of us ) and discussed the subject . Ladies left their e-mail addresses ; soon we expanded to include men pumpers , parents and grand parents of pumpers …still a core of about 8 left . Some live in other cities . But I met up with 2 , who helped organize an Expo, Nov. 13 about 1/1/2 hour drive from here. Live in a 17,000 people community with a high average of insulin pumpers …some love meet ups , others just don’t .
Pump Nurse’s initial support extremely helpful !
Oh , and I am in my golden years :slight_smile:

Hey good for you nel I mean I hope to make it to my golden yrs!! so rock on!! I just wish I could meet a couple of type 1’s like me you know? maybe I will find some at the atl diabetes expo next yr who knows

Ive met some by chance… in the supermarket I shop weekly… There are three large gondolas/.aisles that shelves “specialty” products for diabetics. And the same people shop for similar things…initially starts from chit chats, then go to the same gym, meet each other again walking or jogging in the park…until finally we establish friendships.

Not real close to you but probably closer than some. I at least live in the Peach State. Believe me when I say you are not the only one.

If you are in a medium size city check if they have a “diabetes center” or if not look at the closest city for a “diabetes center” maybe within the hospital?

Also check your local hospital and see if they have a “diabetes educator” that has classes or knows about organized events.

The more rural you are than the harder it may be.

Don’t be shy and ask around with your doctor and nurses at the local hospital.

Remember that nothing is preventing you from starting a local support group through local newspaper ads!!!

med464rescueI.If you live in Marietta, as noted on your profile, I think there are a couple of type ones here on Tudiabetes from Marietta, and a few from Norcross and Roswell, too. Neither of these cities are too far away from you. I have a couple as my on-line Tudiabetes “friends”. You may want to do as search by location, contact them, and maybe inquire about starting a support group that way. Just a suggestion.

And and other posters have noted, ask around…The metro Atlanta area is huge.,. and there have to be some support groups in your immediate vicinity. Do you kinow anybody from your work as a paramedic ( a docor, endo, emergency room personnel, etc., who may know about others?

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Thanks mikey

Hey girl I was just thinking of you the other day! thanks for the info I am going to have to do that and yes roswell is close by I live by dobbin airforce base!!

sweet I so want to get a ga get together for all us d people!!

Hey Med464rescue!
I’m not sure how old you are, but there is apparently a non-clinical ‘conference’ being planned for young adults (18-30 probably) in Atlanta in the near future. I don’t have any information about it just yet, but know that a group of CDEs in the area contacted the Diabetes Leadership council I sit on for information and support on running a ‘meet up’ outside of the hospital setting. When I hear more information, i’ll post it!

I wish I had the answer to this question, but like yourself I feel alone. Only when I get online do I feel like others understand what outI’m going through. I do have an idea though. Maybe you can bulid a website asking for diabetics in your area to sign up as a way of meeting other diabetics? Humm not a bad idea? Perhaps that will enable you to meet other diabetics in your area? Let me know if you like the idea? Good luck!

I’m in Cumming!

Also, you can click on “Members” and do a search for Atlanta, or all of the metro-ATL cities you can think of. I did that for Cumming, Alpharetta, Roswell, and then added everyone I found as friends. I’d also like to get together with other diabetics and SO’s of D’s.

That’s easy ,go any where there is a group of people ;throw a rock you’ll hit one . Now to hit a T1 warm up your pitching arm ,this might take a bit longer .LOL . If you don’t want to try that method try contacting your local hospital or the ADA and tell them your looking for…

I contacted my local JDRF chapter about volunteering. They did outreach to people in this area and I now have started a Type 1 women’s support group. It seems like the JDRF is finally coming around in realizing that not all type 1’s are children! They also have lots of activities they sponsor. I’ve been very pleased with the connections I’ve made. The first time I met another type 1 through that contact we went out to lunch and it was so fun to see her grappling with carb counts, what to eat, and bolusing for lunch!

I am sure there are lots of people around you, but if you don’t know a single diabetic in Marietta, then you surely are not connected into the network. There are certainly support groups, you might start by looking up the pumpers group (–education-available-for-those-with-diabetes.html).