Is there a place in Manhattan NYC for actually meeting with other diabetics like a support group that meets weekly or monthly please let me know

Just wanted a little bit more support if anyone knows of a group meeting please let me know.

Safiyah: There are a couple of groups of which I am aware. Mine is the NY Type 1 Diabetics Meet-Up. Here is our link:

We are meeting this Wednesday evening on the Upper West Side, and try to get together on about a monthly basis. I hope you (and anyone else in the area) will join us.

check out

there’s one support group for young women with type 1 that meets twice a month and another for all adults (both sexes, all ages) that meets once a month. Check it out!

Jonathan and Sophie – you might consider adding these as events so that they get more visibility in the TuD community.

I’ve met some members of the ACT1 group and they are a class act (pun intended)