Diabetes Tattoo

So I hate to wear braceletts/necklaces… etc. I remember someone somewhere saying they were going to Tatoo “Diabetic” on their wrist. I don’t really like tatoos either but I could be tempted to do this… I just want a cool design! Any ideas??


Go over to http://www.diabeticrockstar.com – another Ning network. There are one or two groups there discussing both normal and diabetes tattoos. You might get some inspiration from there.

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The only problem with diabetic tattoos would be that paramedics aren’t trained to spot them like they are the id bracelets/necklaces. Check out this page for some cool bracelets that are different from the chains. http://www.hopepaige.com/pc/viewCat_P.asp?ProdSort=0&idCategory=8&page=3&iPageSize=5

Lol, I’ve been wondering the same thing for months! My friends think I’m just weird. My best friend is a paramedic however and she says she wouldn’t recommend it because it may not be spotted, and while she would take it seriously, some wouldn’t.

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They think that black ink can surpress the immune system, leading to more issues. Blue might have lower risk for infection, if your prone to that.

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