Diabetics and Tattoos

Hey everyone!! So I dont know about you but i hate wearing my medical id tag. Which i know if i ever get hurt and cant tell the parametics i would be in huge trouble. I was thinking about tattooing my id tag on my wrist so that everyone will always know and kinda a reminder to my self to be proud not ashamed of my disease. I was wondering if anyone has had problems with tattoos or what i should watch for when getting mine. Plus i would love any ideas or suggestion on what it should look like or what i should include with my tattoo!!


I love the idea, I have 2. Just make sure you go to a clean professional business, ask around. Don’t rush into it. Lots to consider in getting a tat, and your career goals is a big one, I wouldn’t want a potential employer to know I had diabetes untill I had the job. other than that just keep it out of the sun for about 6 weeks. and remember they are addictive.

Hi Jo,

I’ve been thinking very seriously about getting a diabetic tattoo on my wrist for exactly the same reasons. At first I was very hesitant, because if they find a real, true cure somewhere down the road, I would still have the tattoo. Then I realized that the perfect solution would be to put my diagnosis date on one side, and then the date I was cured on the other. Just like a tombstone, it would read when my diabetic life began, and when I was able to end it. I don’t know why, but that thought has really pushed me toward getting one. I’m still on the fence, but I’m definitely close to going for it!


I love tattoos! I have four which are discretely placed. I recieved them all before I knew I was diabetic. Since then the one on my back shoulder has severly faded and needs to be retouched. In my asking around to different parlors and informing them them that I am a diabetic, I found the reputable parlors requested a letter from my doctor stating that my diabetes was in enough control to recieve one. Also it was suggested or stated that the upper portion of my body would be best as it would heal better than the lower extremeties being that I was diabetic. My sisters and I are planning to get matching tattoos in memory of our mother who is dying of cancer. So since that one on my back shoulder is in such bad shape I think that is where Im going to place this one. The tattoo is one that my mother had done when we were young which represented all of us girls.

So my advice is… make sure your sugars are good and have been for a while for better healing, and that you choose a reputable parlor.

Im getting my Diabetic tattoo medical tag on my wrist next week or so!

got it done love it!!!1

Medical people say it should be on your wrist if anywhere, they are used to checking there for bracelets. Another spot is over your heart. I fear that paramedics won’t search for and read tattoos.

I got mine 2 almost 3 years ago…

If you can hold off on getting a tattoo. There was a study last week where they are testing a new tattoo ink, that will monitor your blood sugar as well. This will eliminate us fingering sticking. If anyone wants more details, please e-mail me, and I will link you to the site.

Yeah my arm is not long enough for all the stuff i need to put on it. Can anyone do the PDR on an arm PDR?


Have you seen this group in the community? It’s all about tattoos and diabetes:

I think that is a great idea but I am not sure if there would be any problems with it.

Hi David. What’s going on with this ink and how exactly does it work. Is it like a mood ring that changes color when your glucose levels are high or low?


I think it’s a great idea. My stepbrother developed type 1 diabetes as an adult and really struggles with it. When he had a car accident due to being too low, the police never considered anything but DWI. It wasn’t until my stepmother got to the scene that anyone knew he had diabetes. He was barely registering on a meter and then they called an ambulance 30 minutes after the fact.

I buy my id bracelets at www.Laurenshope.com. They sent me an email this week and I noticed they have temporary tatoos for kids at camp. You may want to try some to see how you like it. They also have laminated tags you can put on luggage or purses or keychains. I was thinking of putting one on my purse or loop it on my jeans.