Diabetes tattoo

Ok well I researched this. And there is really only one Type 1 in medical circles. Beyond that. I understand having it or not having it will not change the care I get according to and ER doc I know, and a paramedic I spoke to.
So I don’t think I needed it.
However the artist woke up with a sore throat so it’s postponed.

Ok it’s finally done. I can’t go back. But actually I love it.


I’m not a fan of tattoos, but that looks nice. What do the marks below mean, closest to your wrist?

It’s an old type 1 mantra.

“I am greater than my highs and lows”



I have an Elmo tattoo that I got 17 years ago when we got the news that I was going to have a daughter!,
Lucky for me she liked Elmo. It’s kinda blurry now.

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oh SNAP!!! i love this. i may have to add it to mine :slight_smile:

looks great! a little bigger than i was thinking you were going with.

I was thinking smaller too but the artist put it on with ink first and I liked it so I went with it. I tried it 3 different directions too. Now it’s done tho

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My other tattoos are all Celtic so stayed w/ that and I hate medic alert bracelets. (The medicalert is on handle of my purse.)

I don’t know what it says. I got my tattoo so that medical professionals will see it, and know I’m diabetic.
Yours is hard for me to figure out.
Can you explain it?

At the bottom it says Type 1

I see it now

My favorite diabetic tattoo belongs to inactive member @acidrock23

That looks more like a drug lord tattoo than a diabetes one tbh.

I want this tattoo but I would add “type 1 diabetes” to
the text

Looks cool

I don’t have diabetes, but my brother does. I help him with his healthcare. I have called emts several times when my brother has had low blood sugar. I would call your local fire dept & ask them what information they need & what they look for. In regards to the tattoo, I wanted to warn you that most tattoos are mercury & mercury tattoos cause skin cancer. I read a lot of medical research & I happened to see the research when I was reading about mercury. I think it’s extremely negligent of our healthcare system to not be warning people about the dangers of tattoos. Personally, I wouldn’t think to look at someone’s tattoos.

If you get a tattoo in a licensed tattoo shop there won’t be any mercury in the ink anymore. It was true in red inks.

I have a much older tattoo that is a tattoo of Elmo from17 years ago. I got it in Hawaii when I had too many drinks at a luau.

The red is vibrant all this time. But I think I had allergy or something because it is blurred now.

There is a possibility there was mercury in that tattoo, but I’m 100% certain that this current one does not have any heavy metals at all.