Medical ID tattoo for diabetics - have one? ideas?

My two younger-than-me (one in her 20’s the other in his teens) cousins recently got tattoos that ID them as type 1 diabetics.
I thought this was an excellent idea that I’d never heard of til seeing theirs.
Anyone else out there have a tattoo like this or know of others who do? What do you think of it and how do you go about finding a place to have one done?

Thanks for input!

Medical alert bracelets don’t let everyone see why you are wearing it. The information is on the back.
To have it noticeable and readable by first responders years later, couldn’t a prospective boss see it before they got to know you?

I got one earlier this year…

I like it :slight_smile: Im very hypo unaware and ride a motorcycle (12-18,000 miles/year) so wanted something in case something bad happens. And I have jewelry :slight_smile:

I’ve checked quite a few websites that have examples of diabetic tattoos. You might want to search too.

These are reasonable concerns about getting a tattoo. Thing is, I WANT ppl to know what it is b/c I am very hypo unaware. I have a very subtle id necklace, gold no-color medical image w/very little info on back (b/c there’s no room!) … I’d rather ppl know easily and quickly that I’m a type I, insulin pumper if something happens & I can’t talk to them. Another thing is, as a woman, I like to wear the trendy necklaces and that interferes w/me wearing my med id necklace… in order to “look right”, I have to take off my med id & then I’m w/o anything except a note in my purse. Very dangerous situation but I don’t like giving up my bit of fashion just b/c I have diabetes (& severe sulfa allergy & thyroid disease)… that’s why I want a tattoo. I like Dan’s but don’t ride a motorcycle :wink: so don’t want one that big. Am looking for something subtle but easily visible.

Can you share the links for the sites you used??

Very cool, Dan. I love it. But I’m no motorcycle chick, so I would rather not have one quite so large. :wink: Did you do a lot of searching before you settled on that design? I keep looking online, but seems I get the same images over & over… I’d rather have something w/o all the color, smaller & more of an outline w/text, make sense? Just wondered where you looked for designs. Thanks for sharing! I really DO love the tattoo!!

Here is a link from DLife on diabetics and tattoos:

my dad got a tatoo on his leg for me saying that his son is diabetic which is me diabetic and the diabetic sign

I was just looking online and found some stories about tattoos that change color depending on what your sugar level is…

I have a very simple tattoo with the red cross and the words type one diabetic and the diagnosis date.

I got my diabetic tattoo 2 years ago. I am an EMT so I put some thought into it. I have it on my left wrist for two reasons. 1. I drive so the person checking on me would more than likely use that arm for a pulse. While checking it, see my tattoo. 2. When you are in the back of an ambulance on the stretcher your left arm is used to check pulse and take blood pressure. I hope they will see the tattoo and if I am sick they will think to check my blood sugar.

Took some creative license on the medical alert symbol. I love mine, but I also have 15 tattoos so my opinion might not be the most generalizable.