Medical i.d tatt?

im 14 and i was kinda thinking about getting a medical alert tatoo, like idk where but like any dieas or input on
-yes or no

any help would be fab. esspecialy from parentss
=] thanksss

When I was first diagnosed i thought about this too. I was going to get one on my wrist. I asked my friend who is an EMT if she would take it seriously and she said she personally would but she would advise against it just because she was pretty sure not everyone she worked with would. Or that they might miss it since they’re trained to scan for jewelry, tags, cards, etc. and might miss a tatoo since they’re pretty common.

There is a discussion here about tattoos and Medical Alert identification in general that you might find interesting.

Personally, I’d advise against it. First off, you can’t really say much with a tattoo; maybe “Diabetic” but that’s it. My medic-alert bracelet says that I am insulin dependent, and also has a phone number where someone can get more information if they need to. I can easily change the information whenever I want.

Second, the tattoo is permanent (and typically bright red). My gold bracelet is jewelry; it complements my skin tone. If my preferences change, or fashions change, my bracelet can change. Being a guy, and one who’s not much into jewelry, I don’t expect to change it unless it breaks, but I can see someone having multiple bracelets to match whatever outfit they happen to be wearing on that day.

Look through the discussion that I linked above. There are lots of types of identification; some look like friendship bracelets, some look like the Lance Armstrong “Livestrong” bracelets, some look like military dog-tags, and some are more traditional. There are lots of choices, and you can always change your mind. Unless you get the tattoo. That’s permanent.


I would so not to get it! You can’t remove it! There are a lot of company’s who sell medical alert bracelets and you can customize it also.


thanksss soooo muchh!!
hahaha i never thought of some of that stufff.
thank you soooooooooo soooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooooooo much

There is an Inked diabetics forum on here and some of the tats are pretty awesome. I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing. How do your parents feel about it? My mom doesn’t want me to get it done, but my dad’s all for it! I heard that they are training EMT’s to look for them now, but to be safe I’ll get it on my wrist so that they see it when they check my pulse. I think it has to have the official red cross symbol though. I know that some artists won’t tattoo diabetics because of the healing complications some people experience. Though if your numbers are good at the time they shouldn’t have a problem. But it’s also a tatoo and it’s for life. If they ever find a cure, would you still want it, also the places medics check are typically in the open, how open are you with your diabetes, do you want everyone knowing, what about job interviews. Also tattoos require touchups and can be expensive, this is not a decision to make lightly, think about it for at least a year and consider what the future you would want.