Diabetes Technical Difficulties

Just plain having a horrible diabetes day. I may just be overdramatic because my bg is over 300mg/dL right now despite bolusing an absolute ton in corrections all day. I hate days like this (yes, everyone does–and why do they always come at the worst time possible? I have a ton to do today that isn’t getting done due to diabetes). I swear I could take 100 damn units right now and still be high. Worse is that it is very tempting to do so (I won’t). I’m a bad over-corrector. My A1c is often so low because I just can’t tolerate being high for 2 seconds.

Changed my site at lunch and I’m pretty sure I got a bad site. Or something is wrong. Either way, it’s going to waste a Quickset, and I’m seriously low on Quicksets considering mine are all part of the lot 8 recall, save that one single box they sent.

I’m freaked out a little because I’ve been gone on vacation for a week (starting the day after I received the stupid replacement box – nice bloody timing). Now I’m back for only two more weeks and will leave August 2nd for two additional weeks for work travel, leaving me gone until August 16th or so. I’m freaked out that I won’t have enough Quicksets because their supply seems to be so limited and they’re shipping the remaining replacements out absurdly slowly (every 3 weeks).

I could order more online, or even a different set, but even those say “limited supply will not ship for 14 days”.

Very helpful, Medtronic.

I don’t like to go out of town unprepared without serious backups on hand. I’ve only been on the pump since last October and haven’t traveled a whole lot with it yet. Between newbie fear, a differing diet / exercise plan each day due to traveling, and possible rushes and mess ups, I am very nervous.

I called Medtronic and they’re sending me another box of Quicksets that should be here next Monday. But really, how decent is that? I’ve been using the box they gave out for one week. I don’t know how many I have left at the moment because they’re still in my travel bag and I’m sitting here at work. Maybe 6 or 7? I change every 3 days and have bad ones often enough, well seemingly more often lately.

I need to try another kind. Don’t really like the angled idea, though my only reason for that is that I think inserting the CGM sensor is a giant pain in the ■■■. I worry that I won’t get the right angle all the time (like I do with the damn sensors) and that I’ll be constantly paranoid. Sure-Ts sound interesting except the 6mm bit… is that really only for lean people? I’m far from lean.

UGH. I’m just stressed enough as it is with work. Diabetes getting in the way for stupid technical reasons is throwing me over the edge right now. I just remembered I need more CGM sensors. I should have done that when I was on the phone with that guy but I forgot. Medtronic’s store website is being a big, slow fail. I click on order history and it’s taking 20 minutes to load. UGH. Plus, it probably won’t get here within two weeks if I don’t call again. Damnitdamnitdamnit.

UPDATE: Got the order to go through on Minimed’s store site finally. Got sensors and trying a set of Sure-Ts (only kind that don’t say “limited supply”)… they do seem so recommended on here. Still worried they’re only for thin people…but won’t know until I try I guess.

You are so funny.My quicksets are all starting with 8 also.I didn’t even know about the recall till I got home from vacation this week. Scarry!

It is scary! Hope you didn’t run into any problems with your lot 8s while you were gone. I was reading about how changing air pressure like on airplane take off/landing could sometimes cause it and found it amusing somewhat that I was leaving on a plane the very next day. XD

You know, a week before we went on vacation I went to my parents for the weekend. I did a site change before leaving, but brought my insulin, quicksets, and reservoir just in case. Forgot that quickserter though. Luckily I didn’t need it, but it sure made me more careful about remembering it for my vacation. :slight_smile:

And yes. I very much wish they had them at a dollar store, or at this point I’d settle for any physical store where I don’t have to wait for their absurdly slow shipping.