Rather unhappy with Medtronic

So in my last blog I talked about my little freak-out about not having enough quicksets for my 2-week trip out of town coming up. I couldn’t get on their crappy store website at the time, so I didn’t see that I actual had my automatic 3-month shipment that was supposed to be sent…oh a couple weeks ago if were actually 3 months from the time of my last order (beginning of April).

Earlier this week this order was classified as “in process” on Medtronic’s website and had a date of July 14. Then I checked it yesterday and it disappeared. Not there anymore. Gone.

I also got a bill in the mail from Medtronic with a balance of $0.00. No kidding. It’s not like I get bills from these guys every month. I only get them after getting my supply order.

So WTF happened to my supply order?

Did he decide to cancel it since I requested a box of quicksets ASAP? Which by the way, would have been replacing my already existing supplies. Not those in my new order.

Which brings me to another question. In my new supply order, will I actually get my four boxes all at once? Or will they screw me here as well?

OH SNAP. While writing this, I went to the online store again…and it’s back! Back with the July 14th date, and STILL in process. Still in process since July 14. It’s bloody well July 25 right now. Oh and my last supply order was April 2, by the way. They’re ridiculously late.

This is only half of my problem.

The other half is that I need more CGM sensors. I have one left. I am leaving town in one week. If I don’t get these sensors next week, I’m going to have a miserable trip. As it is, my BG has been sitting over 200 all day because I forgot how to be a diabetic without these damn things. Seriously. Horrible control without them now. I don’t know how to have good control without the CGM, even checking my BG 10+ times a day. It’s not the same.

Anyway, my complaint is this: why must Medtronic take 3 billion years to ship something? My God, nothing else I have ordered online takes as long as they do. Seriously, all of their craps takes 3 weeks to get here from the time you submit an order online. No kidding.

My other prescriptions take maybe 3 days from Caremark (I submitted an order for Accuchek test strips on Tuesday night and got them Friday–no special extra-$$ shipping option or anything). So it can’t be some BS insurance processing issue. Besides, it’s not like I’m not just ordering the same stuff all the time.

And since I’m not in dire need of stuff most of the time, and since I’m otherwise stressed out with a busy schedule, it’s easy to forget Medtronic is not like the rest of the world with reasonable shipping times.

I’m just so sick of these guys’ crap. I will have to call again and I’m dreading it. All the people I’ve talked to in the past aren’t exactly the nicest and most helpful. i.e., they will probably gripe at me for not remembering to fill my sensor order a month ago if I wanted to get it in 2009!