Diabetes UK conference hosts DIY closed loop presentations

Diabetes UK, the largest diabetes charity in the UK, held a diabetes tech conference In Wales just a few days ago. Here is a video of Tim Street, experimenter and advocate of do-it-yourself (DIY) insulin-dosing systems. He’s an educated and engaged person with type 1 diabetes or T1D.

With the DIY automated insulin dosing systems emergence, the medical mainstream, including Diabetes UK found itself uncertain whether to embrace or reject this non-traditional source of diabetes treatment. It looks like they’ve made the good choice to embrace it.

The above video link is one segment of a much longer five-hour video. I watched the entire video. Good stuff.

Check out the segment below. It features a sped-up animation of the Nightscout display of a hybrid closed loop system. It shows how the system uses temporary basal rates, or TBR (in blue, looks like a cityscape), to respond to the dynamic changes in blood glucose. I love this!